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Jun 14
Jun 25

Hart, a convicted burglar, rapist and kidnapper, escaped four years ago from the Mayes County jail. At least 10 FBI agents were sent to Camp Scott, which has served as the investigation’s headquarters.

Jun 25

In a wavy line stretched a mile or so along the road running west from Oklahoma 82, the rag-tag brotherhood of volunteers surged onto the smooth pastures toward Camp Scott and the woods beyond.

Jun 25
Jul 06

Autopsies performed by Medical Examiner Neil A. Hoffman show all three girls were struck with a blunt instrument in the head. Two of the girls died from the blows, the third was strangled.

Jul 30
Aug 03

An open letter to Gene Leroy Hart: Your fears are understandable; you are in a desperate situation. But this may be your best chance to get a fair shake. We hope you will take it. Please let us hear from you.


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Apr 07
Apr 07

Inspector Mike Wilkerson of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation: “I went in the front with three or four others. There were people coming in the back door too. There were people all around the place. He (Hart) was surprised. The door was kicked open. He was there in the front room."

Apr 09

As the months wore on, the ripples spread. Psychics talked. “Super-dogs” were flown in, to no avail. There were cried to summon the National Guard. The FBI sent hundreds of men. Reward funds rose and fell like waves.

Apr 09

The trail ended Thursday at an isolated woodcutter’s cabin near the Cherokee-Adair county line in the rugged Cookson Hills – hills which since before statehood have given up their most-wanted sons only grudgingly.

May 31

Although expressing doubts that the prosecution of Hart, 34, would extend into 1979, both Fallis and Wise said they wanted to ensure someone with “first-hand familiarity with the case” would be available in that event.

Jul 07

Special District Judge Jess B. Clanton ruled that testimony showed the “crime of murder in the firs-degree has been committed and there is probable cause to believe the defendant, Gene Leroy Hart, committed the crime.”

Nov 29


Mar 03

A story that never has been told in its entirety is expected to begin unfolding as prosecutors and defense attorneys begin selecting jurors for the trial of Gene Leroy Hart, the man charged with first-degree murder in the 1977 slayings of three young Girl Scout near Locust Grove.

Mar 16

The 10-day selection process was pocked with clashes and bitter infighting between the defense and the prosecution. At times, District Judge William J. Whistler expressed frustration as dozens of men and women were paraded in and out of the jury box without anyone being accepted.

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Mar 31

The jurors reviewed the case for four hours Thursday, decided to sleep on their decision, and then huddled only 40 minutes Friday before giving the decision to the court a flight below the deliberation room.

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Mar 19

The parents, Charles and Sherri Farmer and Walter M. and Bettye Milner, seek a total judgement of $5 million from the Magic Empire Council of the Girl Scouts and Hartford insurance companies.

Mar 28