2017-03-18 ne-roblowe_ginnie

Ginnie Graham meets actor Rob Lowe while he was in Tulsa to tour the Outsiders House. COURTESY

Years in the media: 24 at the Tulsa World (since 1994), four at the Oklahoma Daily (OU) and three at the Perry Daily Journal while in high school = 28 years

Why I got into this business: To tell stories of everyday life and see what government officials and people with power are up to.

In one sentence, why is journalism important: Without journalism, no one looks over the shoulders of power or provides a platform for those who cannot.

What three words describe you: Curious, assertive, fair

What issue fires you up: Secrecy.

Who is a Tulsan you admire: Julie Delcour

What is your favorite local hangout: On my couch watching movies with my family.

Favorite movie: “Spotlight”

Favorite book: “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley

Favorite quote: “Walk it off,” — My dad, the late Dr. Ben Netherton