Tulsa artist Rachel Rose Dazey is donating the proceeds of the copper cuffs she makes to benefit local artists. Courtesy/Rachel Rose Dazey

Some claim that copper can have some kind of therapeutic effect on certain ailments.

Tulsa artist Rachel Rose Dazey makes no claims about the possible health benefits of the copper jewelry she creates, but she is putting her work to use to help fellow local artists who are struggling in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dazey is selling copper cuffs through her studio website, dillonrose.net, and is donating 50% of the profits from those sales to help local artists. The cuffs are priced at $30 and $40, depending on the style.

“My goal when I started this was to raise at least $2,500,” Dazey said. “Just a few days after we started, we had already taken in about $1,800.”

Dazey managed to reach her $2,500 goal March 30. She said she will continue to use the proceeds from the copper cuff sales to help fellow artists.

“I’ve always believed we are stronger as a community, and artists are an important part of our society,” Dazey said. “This is a time when we really need artists to lift us up through their work.

“I’m trying to use the voice I have to get people to think about how important art is in their lives,” Dazey said.

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