Following on the heels of National Ice Cream Day and National Ice Cream Month is a day that honors the simple, delicious ice cream sandwich, and, by golly, it deserves its own day.

Sunday, Aug. 2, is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

Many of us grew up on the most basic form of ice cream sandwich — a slab of vanilla ice cream between two thin, soft chocolate cookie layers that resemble chocolate cake. The taste, scent and texture of those ice cream sandwiches are indelibly imprinted on our minds and still is a treat today.

Most accounts place the beginnings of the ice cream sandwich in 1899, when a push cart salesman in New York City began making them by hand and selling them from his cart.

They reportedly included a quarter-inch of ice cream between two thin graham wafers, and they could not have been more inexpensive. Photos show them being sold by circa 1905 in Atlantic City for 1 cent each.

At least one account claims the modern ice cream sandwich with the chocolate wafer was invented in 1945 by Jerry Newberg. The ice cream maker sold his creation at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, at the time, the home to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team and Pittsburgh Steelers football squad.

Eventually, the ice cream flavors included vanilla, strawberry or Neopolitan between two chocolate wafers. Today, the ice cream sandwich may include many flavors of ice cream between two biscuits, wafers or cookies.

Following are five of our favorite locally made ice cream sandwiches. Call or check websites and Facebook pages for current hours, which can vary during the coronavirus pandemic.