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Letter: Learn about socialism before you vote

Letter: Learn about socialism before you vote

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Letter to the Editor

Socialism – what is it? I will give you an example: Look at Cuba when Castro took control. He rose to power due to a thirst for equality from the people.

He gave it to them alright, equal misery for all of them. First, he nationalized the banks and all businesses. Entrepreneurs left the island taking the jobs with them and ingenuity.

That is just what socialism does. Capitalists are scared away, leaving their country empty and powerless.

The first thing Castro did on his revolution was to disarm the citizens of Cuba. Why didn’t they overthrow the Castros? How could they beat off an army of Russian-backed murderers with sticks and stones?

All this just didn’t happen overnight. It started in Cuba with leftist propaganda, especially in their universities. Cuban youth were indoctrinated into hating capitalists. They were brainwashed into thinking that equal pay for everyone, free healthcare and education would make Cuba a utopia.

I see Democrats and some Republicans using racial division to instigate their agenda. Many Americans don’t see this and why? They don’t know what socialism is really about. They should look it up.

This election is the most important election of my lifetime. I don’t want the intolerance of fanatics and the chaos rule of lawlessness in our United States of America. We must vote for the man that loves and protects our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the First and Second Amendments, Donald Trump.

Ron Dollar


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