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How do you cook a turkey? Let a child instruct you!

How do you cook a turkey? Let a child instruct you!

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Ah, it’s Thanksgiving week and people all around Wagoner County are gearing up for their traditional holiday meals.

Some third grade students at Central Elementary and Southside Elementary in Coweta and Teague Elementary in Wagoner  believe they have the perfect recipes/directions for how to cook those Thanksgiving turkeys. We share them with you “exactly” as they were provided and hope they make you smile as much as we did while compiling them together.

Happy Thanksgiving!


MRS. WOOD’S CLASSYou buy a turkey. Then you put butter on it. Then you put it in the oven for 20 minutes. If you want to put suger on it.

- River

You have to hunt a turkey to cook it first. Then you cook it to 400 degreees F. And you have to cook it about 10-15 minties. Then when its ready pull it out and enjoy it.

- Liam

Take it out of its case. Put it in the oven. Set it to 200 degrees F. Take it out of the oven. Put the seasoning on it. Let it cool off. Then you eat it.

- Dustin

Buy a turkey. Then get seasoning put it on your turkey. Then put it in the oven for 400 degrees F. Put it in the oven for 50 minutes. Then put veggies on the side of the turkey. Then your turkey is done!!

- Isabelle Richards

First go to WalMart and buy a turkey. Then take it out of the packig. Then add seasoning. Next wrap it with aluminum foil. Then set the oven to 325 degrees. Next put your turkey in the oven. Then get it ou t. Finally eat it.

- Molly Emery

Get a turkey. Put it in the oven 400 degrees. Get it out of the oven and put seasoming. put sprinkles.

- Kyndrah Purejoy

First you go hunt a turkey. Net you season it. Then you set the grill to 400 degrees. Then you bake it for 20 to 30 mins. Then you check to see if it is cresepe. Then it’s ready for thanksgiving.

- Reagan Hopper

You biy a turkey and you cook it for a long time and it wil bey dun and add some sides and engey make sore to cook it in a oven. I pit my oven on 400 degrees F. You can make it fansey.

- Franklin

Hunt a turkey. Put it in the oven. Put the oven on 400 degrees F. Suve your turkey.

- Elias Duncan

First you get a turkey. Then you clean the turkey. You put it in the oven on 50 degrees F. Put it in for 30 minutes. Take it out of the oven. Smother it with BBQ sauce. Put seasoning on it. Cut it up and take the bones out. Serve it to your family. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

- Zachary Dyer

Hunt the turkey. Put a hole in it. Then inside put some vegtables in it. Add some seasoing any kind. Put in oven for 325 degrees. Slice it then … Happy thanksgiving!!!

- Autumn Kerr

Season with salit and peaper. poot in a 2/a inch pan with potatos, carits, zookeenee, scwose, crawdad seasoning. Cook at 555 degrees F.

- Bryleigh

Buy a turkey Cook it for three hours 400 degrees F. Add seasoning. Add veggies. Enjoy thanksgiveing.

- Gracelyn Smith

Throw out the turkey. Put seasoning and salt. Add sliced potatoes and cuekubrs. Put it in for 20 degrees cucumdernd 27 minutes.

- Gunner Mathews

Defrost turkey in water. Heat oven to 350 degrees f. Wait for 10 mins for oven to heat. Take turkey and put in oven. Then wait 20 mins and then take out.

- Josie Chuckluck

Kill the Turkey. Cook it in an oven at 450 degrees. Let it cook for 2 hours. Eat it.

- Kaleb Huddleston

First of all you got to Find one and kill it. That’s what my dad usually does. Then, cut its head off. Take out all the guts. Then, put your favorite seasonings on it. After that, put it in the smoker. Which is like a grill, except it smokes. Last of all put it on a plate. Add sprinkles and ice cream. Maybe even some chocolate. Then put it on the table and eat it.

Brynlie Hicks MRS. SWARER’S CLASSFirst – Buy a turkey dead. next – put it in the oven for 30 min. then – Wait for it to be done for 20 min. After eat it. Finnaly your full.

- Johnny

First you gow to the Store then you go whom to cuk the turkey in the Oven for 13 minis.

- Kendall Beller

Kill it take the bones out claen it butter it beet it in the uven.

- Carson

Frist cook the turkey and gres it. Second put it in the oven. Last. Wim it’s cooking make the side for dinner. Finally, eat turkey and the side. Thacsgiving is the Best day of the year.

- Presley

First: you bye a turkey or kill it. Next: you ether cook it or put it in the sink. Then: if it was in the sink you can take it out if you put it in the oven what for it to be done. Finally: if it was in the oven enjoy it’s Done. Finally: if it was in the oven take it out now and eat it.

- Paisley

First. You Pot vegy’s on it. Next Pot it in the oven. Then. Win it is done cooking take it out. Finully, you can eat it.

- Claire

How to cook a turkey put it in a oven cook it for 2 mins if its done then take it out.

- Alisen

Cut the hand cut the fete Skin + pit in the oven.

- Braylen

First you go Kill a turkey. Next you go buther the turkey. Then you put it on a tray. Then you put it in the freezer. Then you put it in the oven. Next you take it out of the oven. Then you eat some turkey. Then you put it back in the freezer. Finally you finish the turkey. Then you throw the bone away.

- Nicolas

First, This is sad but find a turkey … and … sout … it … that’s sad. Then pick all the fethrs off of it then kut it up and get all the bones out of it if you don’t your DNA well chach. Next cock it then better it up. Fine cut it and its rety to serv.

- Ryden

Get a turkey from Walmart. Get a partnte for help. Tell the partnt to help cook the turkey. Get a frier or oven to cook it in. Clean the turkey with soap and water. Then cook it. In joy.

- Eva

Get a turkey. Clean it and greas it. Put in the oven. Put the tempthure 345 degress or lower. Leave it into the oven for half in hour.

- Ava

First, put greese on the turkey. Next, warm the oven and waith for a minute or two. Then, put the turkey in the oven. Finally, let it get hot. After that, take it out of the oven. After that, let it cool down for a minute or two. After that, greese it again. After that, take the bone out. Finally, eat the turkey.

- Avalon

First turkey. Next oven. Then decrat. Finll in joy.

- Eli

Kil it. Kit ail the blid and the gutis. Kok it for abutt 20 minnits. Thain puyt slilt on it. Then eat.

- Paxton

Frst you have to go to the stor and get a trce and git sum sums and you go to the SOK anue and get a parid and go hom an go to the uven and pot the trce and pit the trce an tha pan to the trce and coc it for 10 sesnt.

- Ali

Murder a turkey. Put it in the oven. Set it for 10 mins. Wait 10 mins. Take it out w/ oven mits on. Put on salt & pepper. Dig in.

- Kale

Get your turkey then take the gissersd out then get buter and melt then paint the turkey with the buter after cook the turkey in the oven then take out and sesen it check the temp of the turkey. If cold put back in oven if not then enjoy Good job!

- Nora

Hi! Do you want to lern how to cook a turkey? If you do I will tell you the ingedence: one carrit, one oungyon, one peace of sellery, pan, sum salt and pepper mixed up. Get a thirteen pound turkey, set your uven for 125 F degrees and half of Butter and start cooking! First, you butter the turkey and cut the carrit and seller and Oungyon up and put them inside the turkey. Then, pant the turkey with the butter. Finily, coo the turkey in the 125 F degree uven for 15 minits and injoy!

- O’Dell

First you ned is a turkey. Then you need solt and pepr. My favrit is to pot the saled in it. I forgot to tell you gis then you pot the saled and you pant it with butter. Then you pot sesing on it.

- Kadie

Thinks you’ll need: Sage, Rosemary, Butter, Turkey, tray and if you want Alluminum foil. First, hunt or buy a turkey. Then, unwrap or skin your turkey. Set your oven to 325 degrees F. slice 1 carrot, 1 onion and a stick of celery. Next, put the vegtibles in your tray and also your turkey. Now cut your herbs and melt your butter together for only 16 sec. and take the neck and stuff out of your Turkey Brush the herb butter on your Turkey. Last, put seasoning on your Turkey and insid too. Ten bake it 15 mins per pound. Finaly Enjoy.

- Kinsey

First, you will need a 2 Pound turkey. Next, Put chopped up carrort, onion, celre on the bottom of the tray. Now Put the turkey on top. And Pant it with butter. And cook it for 3 and half hours. And enjoy your feast.

- Jaden

Things you will need: Turkey, vegtables, butter, seasoning, and a oven. So first paint it in butter and then season it and add vegtables then put it in the oven and “Boom!” Your turkey is done.

- Charli

First, go to the store and get a 2 pound turkey. Then get a bole and put salt and pepper in the bole then melt butter in a Pan then put the utter on the turkey. Then, Put the salt and pepper on the turkey then put the turkey in the oven for 3 hores. Last, take it out of the oven and injoy.

- Holley

Ingredients: Turkey, butter, baster pan, seasoning, and a oven that can go to 325 degrees. Go get a turkey. If you shot your turkey skin it. Cut the tail off. Put seasoning on the turkey. Melt your butter. Paint your turkey with the butter. Put seasoning on the outside. Put the turkey in the oven. Set the oven to 325 degrees. Warm your turkey for 3-1/2 hours. Eat your turkey.

- Buddy

Things you’ll need: butter, salt, unye, kerets, and selrey. 1. Chop the unyens up and the kerets up and the selrey up. 2. Put the unyens, selry and the kerets into a pan. Put the turkey in the pan. Put the salt and the peper on the turkey. Hete buter up intill it melts after pante the turkey with the buter. Put the turkey in the stove put it on 120 degrees then put it in for fifteen minites. Put a thrmomther to see how hot it is. Anjoy.

- Brodie

First et a turkey. 2. Get butter and some other sesening. Tae the stuf out of the middle of the turkey. Add the sesening to the turkey. Set the oven to 325 degrees F. Putt the turkey in the oven and wait. Enjoy your delishes turkey.

- Kennedy

Hi, do you want to lern to cook a turkey here we go! You will need: Turkey, buter, and your favorite seasoning. Get you’re turkey and take out the neck and gisserds. Put your seasining inside the cavity. (If you want to you can fill in the cavity whith stuffing. Fold the tips of the wings under the body. Paint the turkey whith butter to make a golden brown later. Put you’re seasoning on the whole turkey. Ask a groun up to help you whith this step. Put it in the uven at 325: When it is a gold, take it out. My favorite step. Enjoy!

- Haley

Hi today we are going to cook a turkey things you wil need: butter, turkey, stuffing, vegtables and mash ptatos. Go to the store and get thos items then go home get the items and set them on the table then melt the butter for one minet. Get a brush and dip it in the butter spred the butter on the turkey after that tie the legs with string but before you tie the legs with string put the stuffing put the turkey in the oven and set the drgres at 350 for ten minets. Then put the mash potatoes and vegtables on the plat with the turkey and we are done.

- Anniston

Go out side to get a turkey. Tell The turkey its go bys. Kill The turkey and rip all The skin off and put the turkey in the oven :10 mins But if the timer gos off check the turkey. Salt + peper the turkey. Put it on the table. Wate for compney to arrive. Set table with fork + spoon + knife (drawn out) + plates. Get seted at the table. Dig in to the scrumshes turkey!! Eat so much that you are to big to set down.

- Paisley

First buy a one pound turkey and your ingreadents. Then take chopped up Oinons, carrots and cellary and put them under the turkey. Set the oven to 325 degrees but let the oven heat up. After a minut or two put the turkey in for three hours then take it out and enjoy!

- Joseph

If you don’t have money. Get a gun or mack one then shoot a trky. Then you mack a camp fier. And prek of the fethers of the trky. then get a stik and poot the trky on the stik and poot it oever the campfire. Then you get to eta it! If you have muny. Get a ckdd trky frum the stor and cook it in a uvin for _?_ minits then you taek it out and let it cool then you are dun.

- Abby Akehurst

First. You marinate it over night and season it. .Next. You take it out of the fridge. Then. You cook it at 450 degrees and for four hours. Last. You take it out of the oven and eat it.

- Memphis Kilgore

First you get your turkey then you put it in a big pot. Then you get your tempeter thing. Then you put it in the turkey an see the tempeter so you no the turkey is done. Then you cut it then you put it on a plate. Then you eat!

- Averie

Get a terke. Put sot. Cuk it.

- Cody Denton

You first get a turkey from the store. Then you cook the turkey last you eat and put Pepper on It.

- Tenley

First you’ve got to get the turkey. Second you have to prime the turkey. Then you have to stuff the turkey. Next you cook the turke at 120 degrees for one hour.

- Adrian Stratton

Shoot it. Take the fethers off. Take the sising off. Put in uven. Take it out of uven. Eat the torke. Ingo thanksgiving.

- Riggin Green

First, we get the turkey from the store. Next, we put the turkey into the oven. Then, we cook the turkey for about one hour. Then, we take the turkey out and then cut it open and take the boyes and guts out. Last, we eat and have a good thanksgiving!!!!!

- London

Biy the terky. Get the stuf aot of the terky. Poot it in for wut ever time. Take it uot. Eat.

- Amber Brewster

You get it out of the freezer the nght before to let it thaw out then you put it in the oven on 450 for about 9 10 maby 12 hours.

- Emma Bomboy

First. Get turkey. Second. Put turky in oven. Then. Weit to cook. Last – get out turky and eat.

- Noah Allen

Get a turkey. Take off the wings. Put the turkey in the for 450f. take the turkey out of the oven. Put the seasoning like salt and peper. Then eat!!

- Zoey

Kill the turkey take off the feathers. Clean the turkey. Cook the turkey at 350f for 30 mins. Take out the turkey and season. Eat.

- Cooper Terry

Get a turkey, cook it for 2 hour’s, tack it out, and eat.

- Ruth M.l

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