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2020 Wagoner Senior Awards

2020 Wagoner Senior Awards

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The Class of 2020 may have been short changed in the last two months of the school year, but they were not short changed in scholarship money earned by a single class.

A grand total of $4,553.244 (as of May 18) was earned by Bulldog seniors. That amount is amazing when you consider the dent made by the COVID-19 virus that interrupted all regular senior activities.

In recent years, senior totals reached $2.2 million or $2.3 million. This year it was doubled.

Congratulations to all award winners.

“You have made history in class scholarship earnings and in so many other ways,” one school official said. “We know that you will continue to achieve great things!”

2020 Senior Awards

Valedictorian Award — Ashley Adair, Claire Levesque and Michelle Taylor. Highest grade point average, 4.3.

Salutatorian Award — Ashley Jobe, Jordan Popp, Jaden Snyder, Jodi Scroggins and Cheyenne Belvin. Grade point average, 4.2.

Outstanding Girl and Boy

The Outstanding Girl and Boy honors are based on academics, school service and all-around student and recipients are selected by the faculty. Honorees Claire Levesque and Jaden Snyder will each receive a $250 scholarship.

Top 10 Percent

Academic medallions are awarded to the Top 10 Percent of the senior class. Selection is based upon the seven semester grade point average from grades 9-12.

Honorees include Ashley Adair, Claire Levesque, Michelle Taylor, Ashley Jobe, Jordan Popp, Jaden Snyder, Jodi Scroggins, Cheyenne Belvin, Caylee Gilreath, Demiana Page, Heather Dotson, Mary Kate Bobo, Rachael Johnson and Chelsea Alsip.

Oklahoma Academic Scholars

Honorees must complete 24 units for graduation, which consist of at least four units of English and three units each of math, science and social studies. They must also score an 18 or higher on the enhanced American College Test (ACT) and finish with a minimum 3.7 grade point average on an unweighted 4.0 scale.

Award recipients are Davis Cordova, Claire Levesque and Demiana Page.

National Honor Society

Ashley Adair, Chelsea Alsip, Tyler Arnold, Cheyenne Belvin, Evanne Biby, Mary Bobo, Rayana Boren, Lahna Boston, Frankie Clark, Davis Cordova, Haley Freeman, Caylee Gilreath and Markayla Goins.

Others include Jordan Hatch, Megan Hawkins, Ashley Jobe, Rachael Johnson, Claire Levesque, Jessica Lord, Alyssa Massey, Lucas Mays, Drew Mills, Cassandra Neel, Andrew Parisotto, Jordon Popp, Drew Presley and Tianna Roberson.

Also, Macy Robertson, Chloe Scott, Jodi Scroggins, Jaden Snyder, Audrey Southern, Kyara Swanson, Michelle Taylor, Emily Thomasson, Leila Toler, Taizja Tottress, Madison Wallace and Kennedy Winn.

Masonic Lodge Students of Today – Michelle Taylor and Davis Cordova

Military-Bound Seniors

Each student serving in the military will earn $120,000 to $200,000 in college scholarships/tuition waivers/grants for their service.

Honored with gratitude for making a commitment to serve and protect their country are Trenton Appleton, Army; Dustin Chastain, Army Reserves; Dakota Fieldson, Army; McKaylah Greenwood Hill, Army; Dylan Dry, Navy; Zachary Timmons, Navy; Madison Evans, Air Force and Whitney “Frankie” Clark, Army National Guard.

Academic All-State

Claire Levesque is one of 100 Oklahoma seniors chosen for Academic All-State honors by the Oklahoma Foundation of Excellence. She receives a $1,000 scholarship and an academic medallion.

Levesque is only the 10th Wagoner High School graduate to be chosen for Academic All-State.

Cherokee Nation Honors

Ashley Adair, $1,000 Valedictorian Scholarship and Ashley Jobe, $500 Salutatorian Scholarship.

Freddy and Scottie Gilmore Memorial


This scholarship program is sponsored by the Wagoner Education Foundation and awards four WHS seniors with $1,000 scholarships. Receiving Freddy Gilmore Scholarships are Michele Taylor and Jaden Snyder. Recipients of Scotty Gilmore Scholarships are Rachael Johnson and Lahna Boston.

Executive Women’s International Scholarship

Claire Levesque is a Top 4 finalist and will receive a scholarship between $4,000 and $10,000. Winner to be announced.

Wagoner Community Outreach Scholarship – Chelsea Alsip, Jodi Scroggins and Juliet Jones.

$1,000 Shipman Funeral home Scholarship – Rachael Johnson.

$1,000 American Farmers and Ranchers Scholarships from Rowe Insurance – Chelsea Alsip and Mary Kate Bobo.

Starlight and Wagoner Community Home Education Scholarship – Winners to be announced.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Scholarship — $500 Drew Mills.

$300 Do More for Kids Scholarship – Jodi Scroggins

$500 Juvenile Programs Foundation Scholarship – Chelsea Alsip

$1,000 Wagoner Athletics Mikey McKinney Award Scholarship – $1,000 Drew Mills.

$6,200 (per year) Byron E. Potter American Dream Scholarship – Mary Kate Bobo

Connors State College Scholarships

Jordan Popp, Regent’s Scholarship for $3,600 per year for two years; Chelsea Alsip, $600 Connors Counselor Scholarship and Alyssa Massey, Livestock Show Team Scholarship for $2,000 per year for two years.

Northeastern State University Scholarships

Ashley Adair, valedictorian Scholarship for $2,300 per year for four years; Lucas Mays, President’s Leadership Class for $11,000 per year for four years; Michelle Taylor, Collegiate Scholars Scholarship for $4,150 per year for four years; Jessica Lord, Green and White Scholarship for $2,450 per year for two years; Drew Mills, Freshman Scholars Scholarship for $1,550; Braxton Koons, Freshman Scholars Scholarship $1,500; Lahna Boston, NSU Counselor’s Connecti;on Scholarship for $500; Braxton Koons, NSU Band/Jazz Band Scholarships for $16,800; Kurrin Mounce, NSU Music Department Scholarship $600 and Caylee Gilreath, NSU Cheerleading Scholarship $1,500 per year.

Tulsa Community College

Jodi Scroggins, The Anne and Henry Zarrow Scholarship for $1,000.

University of Oklahoma

Ashley Jobe, Crimson Commitment Scholarship for $2,355 per year for four years; Rayana Boren, Sower Award for $1,000 per year for four years.

Oklahoma State University

Mary Kate Bobo, Academic Opportunity Award for $2,500 per year for four years; Demi Page, Academic Opportunity Award for $2,500 per year for four years; Davis Cordova, Cowboy’s Grant $4,000/Pete’s Pledge $2,000, Spear’s First Generation Business Scholarship $1,500, Hunter Stone Endowed Scholarship $1,000, Academic Excellence Scholarship for $2,000 per year for four years; Dallas Smith, Cowboy Covenant $1,000 per year for four years, Regent’s Distinguished Scholar $3,000 per year for four years, CEAT Dean’s Award/Engineering Scholarship $2,500 per year for four years.

University of Tulsa

Cheyenne Belvin, Academic scholarships of $24,000 per year for four years for a total of $96,000.

Columbia University

Claire Levesque, Academic scholarships, grants, waivers totaling $67,961 per year for four years.

University of Central Oklahoma

Hayden James, Freshmen Distinction Scholarship for $1,500, UCO Counselor’s Scholarship for $1,000 tuition waiver; Dahsauni Lyday, Athletic scholarship for Track and Field for $10,000 per year for four years.

University of Science and Arts

Cheyenne Belvin, Academic Scholarship for $6,500 per year for four years; Macy Robertson, Athletic Scholarship for golf for $3,000 per year for four years.

Fort Lewis College

Rachael Johnson, Native American Full Tuition Waiver worth approximately $32,000 over four years, also selected as a collegiate cheerleader.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Megan Hawkins, Athletic scholarship for volleyball for $10,000 per year for four years.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Marcus Newton, Athletic scholarship for football for 70 percent of tuition cost valued at approximately $20,000.

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

Tyler Arnold, Merit scholarship for $800 per year for two years; Hunter Jackson, Athletic scholarship for soccer; Steven Greer, Athletic scholarship for soccer.

University of Arkansas

Macy Robertson, Academic scholarship for $20,000 per year for four years.

Pittsburg State University

Jaden Snyder, Academic scholarship for $2,000 per year for four years, Athletic scholarship for football for $12,000 per year for four years.

Rogers State University

Chloe Scott, Endowment scholarship for $750.

Langston University

Taizja Tottress, Regents Scholarship for $10,500 per year for four years, cheerleading scholarship; Kyara Swanson, Academic scholarship for $4,000 per year for four years, cheerleading scholarship.

Oral Roberts University

Haeden Schoolcraft, Academic scholarship totaling $11,500.

Mid-America Industrial Park Internship

Braxton Hardcastle, Jalen Miles, Alijah Rogers and Justice Jones were selected to participate in the Mid-America Industrial Park Internship Program for approximately $2,100 per student.

Indian Capital Technology Center

Kyara Swanson, Sports medicine; Alyssa Rhodes, second year culinary arts.

Cassandra Neel, ICTC Senior welding program scholarship of $1,050.

Educational Talent Search Graduates

Davis Cordova, Caylee Gilreath, Teddi Harmon, Megan Hawkins, Ashley Jobe, Bailey Kozak, Tianna Roberson, Jodi Scroggins, Michelle Taylor, Jade Wilkerson.

Rotary Students of the Month

September: Claire Levesque, Davis Cordova.

October: Ashley Adair, Drew Mills.

November: Michelle Taylor, Drew Presley.

December: Ashley Jobe, Lucas Mays.

January: Cheyenne Belvin, Hayden Crafton.

February: Jordan Popp, Jaden Snyder.

March: Jessica Lord, Tyler Arnold.

April: Jodi Scroggins, Jack Johnson.

$1,000 Rotary Scholarship

Jessica Lord, Hayden Crafton.

Mu Alpha Theta Honors Society

Cheyenne Belvin, Davis Cordova, Hayden Crafton, Dylan Dry, Ashley Jobe, Claire Levesque, Jessica Lord, Jordan Popp, Henry Priegel, Dallas Smith, Michelle Taylor.

Ashley Jobe and Hayden Crafton, $500 each Mu Alpha Theta Scholarships.

Student Council Officers

Frankie Clark (Executive President), Demi Page (Historian), Lucas Mays (Senior Class President), Jessica Lord (Senior Class Vice-President), Evanne Biby (Senior Class Secretary), Mary Kate Bobo and Taizja Tottress (Student Council Representatives), Ashley Jobe (Member at Large).

OBI Scholarship Winners

Lucas Mays, Demiana Page, Ashley Jobe and Taizja Tottress.

Senior Faculty Awards

AP Biology: Claire Levesque, Jordan Popp, Michelle Taylor.

AP Calculus: Dylan Dry.

AP Chemistry: Cheyenne Belvin.

AP European History: Ashley Adair, Madison Wallace.

AP Literature & Composition: Claire Levesque, Demiana Page, Michelle Taylor.

AP US Government: Stephen Cain, Claire Levesque, Jordan Popp, Jodi Scroggins.

AP World History: Kenley Majtyka, Andrew Parisotto.

Ag: Emily Morris.

Ag Mechanics: Johnathan Scroggins.

Algebra III: Chelsea Alsip, Michael Bruce, Michael Zalmanzig. Best memes & Comic relief in Algebra III: Drew Presley. Best Algebra III Class Discussion Group: Stephen “Max” Cain, Jacob isobe, Hunter Jackson, Lucas Mays. Best Algebra III Class Procrastinator: Steven Greer. Algebra III Teach the Teacher Award: Michael Bruce.

Animal Science: Autumn McKay.

Art: Mason West.

Art Appreciation: Dustin Chastain.

Band: Braxton Koons, Michelle Taylor.

Beginner Guitar: Ethan Ballard.

Colorguard: Kurrin Mounce.

Creative Writing: Shelby Steffen.

Drama: Rayene Boren, Lahna Boston, Drew Presley.

Driver’s Education: Cheyenne Belvin, Chelsie Jaye.

English: Mary Kate Bobo, Micah Bruce, Heather Dotson, Caylee Gilreath, Jordan Hatch, Rachael Johnson, Emily Morris, Cassandra Neel, Drew Presley, Chloe Scott, Taizja Tottress, Michael Zalmanzig.

Young Writer’s Award: Ashley Adair, Sierra “Pali” Anderson, Hayden Crafton, Dahsauni Lyday, Kennedy Winn.

Forensic Science: Emily Morris.

Government: Emma Hurst, Haeden Schoolcraft.

Jazz Band: Dallas Smith.

Mass Comm: Michael Bruce.

Multi-Media & Image Management: Chase Charboneau, Jade Wilkerson.

Physiology/Anatomy: Cassandra Neel, William Priegel.

Plant & Soil Science: Rachael Johnson.

Spanish IV Honors: Emma Hurst, Aniqua Teyon.

Trigonometry: Kayla Watkins.

US History: Alyssa McIntosh.

Yearbook: Tyler Arnold, Caylee Gilreath, Teddi Harmon, Kalyn Miles, Taizja Tottress.

Zoology: Mason Goodnight.

Mrs. McCaslin Awards: Awesome Attitude: Brenden Hays; Citizenship: Alyssa Rhodes; Most Improved Worker: Takeo Reynolds. Outstanding Classroom Assistant: Samantha McCord.

Student Council Service Award

Evanne Biby, Mary Kate Bobo, Frankie Clark, Ashley Jobe, Jessica Lord, Lucas Mays, Demiana Page, Taizja Tottress.

Highest Senior Score on ACT: 33 (Claire Levesque).

Academic Team All-State Honorable Mention: Davis Cordova.

Academic Team Captain Award: Davis Cordova.

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