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Capitol Update from Rep. Roberts

Capitol Update from Rep. Roberts

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We are headed towards the end of session, and just like every year that means the pace picks up to get final bills passed and signed by the governor. I’d like to update you on a few pieces of legislation that I think are important.

Three of the bills that I authored in the House were signed by the Governor this week.

Senate Bill 585 deals with the removal of individuals from office. It defines habitual or willful neglect of duty to include knowingly giving false testimony to a committee of either house of the Legislature, knowingly engaging in operations beyond the authority delegated to the agency served by or employing the officer or repeatedly refusing to provide information to a committee, either house or a member of the Legislature in a timely manner.

Senate Bill 839 specifies that a game warden shall not have the authority to use or place a game or wildlife camera on private property without the permission of the owner or controller of the property. The citizens across our state, and especially in Osage County, are passionate about protecting their property rights. This bill does just that.

Finally, Senate Bill 631 creates the Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act. We are standing strong for your constitutional rights against an overreaching federal government and telling the federal government to keep their hands off of our guns.

There were also a number of bills I co-authored that were signed by the governor this week. These include:

• HB 1102 – Prohibits doctors from performing abortions outside of emergency circumstances regarding the life of the mother.

• HB 2030 – Requires the U.S. naturalization test to be administered to and passed by high school students before graduation.

• HB 2648 – Creates the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act and deems any order or rule closing churches as a substantial burden.

• SB 368 – Modifies the Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act to prohibit any governmental entity from declaring or deeming a religious institution and any activity directly related to the institution’s discharge of its mission and purpose to be nonessential and states that they will not be subject to closure or restriction greater than that imposed on any private entity facing similar conditions.

• SB 646 – Allows employees of businesses selling alcohol to carry a weapon with the permission of the owner.

• SB 647 – Creates “Lily’s Law” to subject birthing centers and medical facilities to the requirements to maintain a written policy for the disposition of the remains of a child from a stillbirth or fetal death event. Previously only hospitals were subject to the requirement.

• SB 672 – Allows active or former military personnel between the ages of 18-21 to transport a firearm on a public highway in their vehicle.

• SB 918 – Would allow the legislature to immediately prohibit all abortion in Oklahoma if Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

I want to end by speaking about a bill I debated in favor of this week. House Bill 1775 would prohibit the radical ideology of “Critical Race Theory” from being taught in Oklahoma schools. In a time when our country must unify and work through problems together, the last thing our students need is to learn divisive rhetoric not based in fact. We should be teaching the fundamental equality that is part of the American ideal, not teaching kids that by virtue of their race or sex they bear some sort of responsibility for past atrocities. This bill has been sent to the governor for his review and approval.

That’s it for this week. As we continue to discuss policy and consider legislation next week, I encourage my constituents in District 36 to contact my office with questions, comments or concerns at (405) 557-7322. You can view upcoming legislation on the House floor agenda on the Oklahoma House website. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the House of Representatives.

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