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Tulsa Fire Department captain arrested on bank robbery complaint

Tulsa Fire Department captain arrested on bank robbery complaint

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Jerry Brown


Tulsa Fire Captain Jerry Ray Brown was arrested in Tulsa by the Skiatook Police Department in connection with the March 12 robbery of Oklahoma Capital Bank.

Detective Sergeant Jerry Bullard said that they were led to Brown through numerous phone calls over the last few weeks from Skiatook citizens giving information about the robbery.

Brown has been charged with second degree robbery and knowingly concealing stolen property.

Osage County District Attorney Mike Fisher said that his office will be looking over the case and expect to have a formal arraignment on Friday.

Brown is being held on a $20,000 bond in the Osage County Jail. “Right now, the case does not indicate that a gun was involved so we will not be asking for an increase in the standard bond,” Fisher said.

“The FBI was involved every step of the way and was a huge help to me,” Detective Sergeant Bullard said.

In the affidavit from the Skiatook Police Department is states”

The bank victim tellers described a white male suspect weighing approximately 200 to 250 pounds and approximately 6’0” to 6’3” tall robbed the Oklahoma Capital Bank. The bank surveillance video showed the suspect to be wearing a black hooded jacket, green ball cap, black mask, sun glasses, khaki pants, brown shoes or boots, and distinctive gloves which were black and gray in color with a yellow in color logo on the velcro fastener strap.

The male suspect also used a black in color backpack to collect the money from the bank. Both tellers stated the suspect sounded as if he was trying to disguise his voice as he gave them commands indicating he may fear being recognized by the sound of his voice. The suspect demanded the victim tellers take the suspect to the vault, where the suspect took money from the vault.

The suspect demanded the victim tellers open the ATM. Both victim tellers were too scared and nervous and were unable to open the ATM. Therefore, the suspect did not obtain money from the ATM. The suspect vehicle as silver metallic, or pewter, in color Chevrolet or GMC pickup two door. The vehicle did not have a tag.

The affidavit further states, “”One of the victim tellers contacted FBI Special Agent (SA) Jamie Cavitt and provided the name Jerry Brown as a possible suspect. The teller explained Brown banked at Oklahoma Capital Bank, and Brown’s mannerisms, including the way in which the suspect walked on his toes and his muscular build, was similar to Brown.”

Brown is stated to have stolen $57,783 from Oklahoma Capital Bank.

The Sperry Police Department is filing charges of first degree robbery and knowingly concealing stolen property.

Sperry Police Chief Justin Burch said that the Sperry and Skiatook Police Departments investigated this case together and that the bank robbery in Sperry mimicked that of the robbery in Skiatook. No weapon was used in the Sperry robbery.

In the affidavit, it is stated that Brown stole $268,000 from Exchange Bank in Sperry on May 7. Exchange Bank is the only bank in the town of Sperry. It also states that the suspect had a similar physical description to the suspect in the Skiatook bank robbery, but the suspect did not try to disguise his voice.

According to the affidavit regarding the Exchange Bank robbery:

The male suspect entered the bank through the rear bank employee entrance as a victim bank employee arrived at work. The male suspect demanded the victim bank employees to take him to the vault. The suspect took money from the bank vault. The male suspect demanded the victim bank employees access the ATM. The victim bank employees opened the ATM and the suspect took money from the ATM. These behaviors are similar to the Oklahoma Capital Bank robbery. The suspect then demanded the employees take him to the bank’s camera room, in an effort to disable or remove bank surveillance footage. The suspect was unsuccessful at disabling the surveillance footage. The suspect took the victim employees cellular phones and left the bank, demanding the victim employees stay in the bank camera room. The victim’s cellular phones were left by the suspect on the exterior of the bank next to the rear door.

On May 9, Skiatook Officer Chris Edwards was contacted with the information that a cooperating witness received $30,000.00 in three bundles of $20 dollar bills from Brown.

In speaking with the cooperating witness the Skiatook Police Department learned Brown embezzled money from a construction account where Brown was the contractor. The cooperating witness learned although money had been removed from the construction account subcontractors had not been paid for construction work. The cooperating witness confronted Brown, and Brown offered to pay the cooperating witnesses $30,0000.00.

The affidavit states Brown paid the cooperating witness $30,000.00 in $20 dollar bills on May 9, 2020. Brown requested the cooperating witness not to deposit the money in the bank, because Brown did not need to raise suspicions with the IRS. However, the money was deposited at American Bank in Skiatook, which were maintained by the bank, and Skiatook PD identified blue and red ink markings on the edges of the bills.

The cooperating witness expressed concerns that Brown was involved in the robbery and was having financial problems.

On May 13, 2020, Brown arrived at Oklahoma Capital Bank with $13,880.00 in cash. Brown obtained a $15,000.00 cashier’s check. The money used to obtain the cashier’s check included $20 which were later found to be marked with red and blue ink. Additionally, some of the money deposited by Brown were $100 dollar bills.

Skiatook PD learned Brown paid Mike Sharp, a building contractor for the cooperating witness, $3200.00 in new $100 dollar bills with serial numbers in sequential order.

On May 15, 2020, Skiatook PD was contacted by FBI Agent Cavitt and advised Exchange Bank, in Sperry, had received $100,00.00 in new $100 dollar bills with serial numbers in sequential order before the robbery. SA Cavitt also advised Skiatook PD of two cash deposits made by Brown at separate RCB bank branch locations. Brown deposited $8,000.00 cash at an RCB Bank branch in Broken Arrow Oklahoma on May 11, 2020. Brown deposited $8,000.00 cash at an RCB Bank branch in Owasso Oklahoma on May 9, 2020. A representative of RCB Bank told SA Cavitt, it is not normal banking behavior for Brown to conduct a financial transaction at an RCB Bank not in Skiatook. Brown typically used Brown’s hometown RCB Bank branch.

Skiatook PD also learned that Brown’s mother drive a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle’s description.

“At approximately 17:00 on May 5th 2020 Tulsa Police Officers detained Jerry Brown as he exited his vehicle in the parking lot of the fire station located at 1760 Newblock Park in Tulsa until your affiant could place him under arrest for Robbery in the 2nd degree and Knowingly concealing stolen property,” according to the affidavit.

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