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Letter: New law does away with integrity in sports

Letter: New law does away with integrity in sports

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Participating in sports is a time-honored tradition for generations of children.

It is where we meet friends, learn to take instruction, obtain physical and mental abilities and refine skills that are important for being a successful adult.

Skilled athletes can use sports to advance their place in society by obtaining scholarships or entering the professional sports arenas. These opportunities are important for all our children to have.

To deny a student an opportunity to participate in sports we are not only preventing our children from gaining skills critical to adulthood, but we are also denying them the chance to be included, to be part of the team, to be seen and validated as a person. Opportunities are a sign of hope, which is something that we cannot take away from our children.

The state's Save the Women’s Sports Act was designed to deny your children the right to participate in the tradition of sports.

There have been numerous instances of transgendered athletes competing in sports based on their identified gender, and yet there are no instances of men competing as women to simply win.

This is because involvement in sports as children teaches us the spirit of sports and competition is not to win at all costs, but to act with integrity and pride to the best of your ability and to always continue to work harder to be better.

As a society, it is a message that we should embrace.

Editor's Note: Senate Bill 2 would ban girls and women who are transgender from participating in Oklahoma secondary or collegiate spots. It was a bill about school finances but the language was substituted in committee. It is waiting consideration by the Senate.

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