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From the editor: Surviving divorce, COVID, closures and other hardships in 2020

From the editor: Surviving divorce, COVID, closures and other hardships in 2020

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We finally bid farewell to 2020 — or c’est la vie, rather — and forge ahead with no intent to look back.

This well-known French expression, meaning “such is life,” probably best describes how many of us have come to feel after the last 365 days. It’s a phrase used to downplay our contempt of all the chaos we have faced, and to simply accept the next inevitable misfortune that befalls us.

Call it pessimistic, but if this year taught us anything, it’s how to better roll with the punches.

We’re all creatures of habit. We’re accustomed to certain routines, and many of us, including myself, don’t like change. We’re also set in our ways and hold different beliefs and opinions about various issues. Before the coronavirus, our lifestyles and worldviews oftentimes went unchecked and unchallenged; now, everything has shifted.

I kicked off this year like any other, but ended it as someone who survived the unexpected closure of an office, a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, the end of a six-year marriage and more. To say the last several months have been tumultuous would be an understatement.

In retrospect, it’s easy to sulk at my circumstances. But there’s always a silver lining and much to be thankful for. I still have this wonderful job while working remotely; I’m more active and health conscious after recovering from the coronavirus; and I’ve come to learn more about myself and others following a peaceful divorce.

I’ve realized that not everything in life, especially during a year like 2020, will go as planned. As such, the seemingly endless hardships that it brought — a worldwide pandemic, social unrest, contentious mask disputes and a divisive presidential election — have given us all an opportunity to become more flexible and open-minded amid the mayhem.

It’s important that we recognize the power in making the most of our difficult situations. To quote my favorite podcaster, John Delony, a Dave Ramsey personality on relationships and emotional wellness, “regularly and intentionally do hard things.”

When we embrace those difficult times — “like fasting, taking cold showers, having hard conversations, making habit changes, trying new workouts, getting more education, reading daily, eating more vegetables, shutting-up, etc.,” as Delony states — we can finally bid c’est la vie to 2020…

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