Wagoner Schools

The 2020-21 school year re-entry plans for Wagoner Public Schools has been released and it is a detailed road map for the coming school calendar.

For those who wish to have a copy of this 15-page document please go to: https://www.wagonerps.org/article/271835?org=wagoner and download the school calendar and the re-entry guideline.

Here is a summary look of what to expect when school begins.

• The fall schedule could feature a staggered start. The elementary students would attend school from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. The middle and high schools would start at 8:45 a.m. and finish at 3:45 p.m. This schedule would run Tuesday-Friday.

• This will leave a daily one hour shortfall. That time will be made up by having 13 virtual school days inserted on specific Mondays throughout the school calendar. Remote learning will take place on those dates.

• The bus schedules would need to be revamped for the staggered times.

There will be four phases of student learning available with one having an Aug. 7 deadline.

Phase 1 learning: Traditional/blended student instruction will be offered by a teacher in person or virtual. Or, online instruction at home and enrolled in Edmentum or other online learning system. Deadline for this choice is Aug. 7.

Phase 2: If an outbreak begins with COVID-19 then absences will be monitored. If there is enough ill students, then a blended learning of in-person and virtual will take place.

Phase 3: An A/B schedule rotation will begin with students attending Tuesday-Wednesday in one group and Thursday-Friday for another with virtual learning for the two days off in the A/B schedule.

Phase 4: If a community outbreak of COVID-19 is identified, then blended learning will take place until it subsides.

Another point is students are encouraged to attend in-person learning as much as possible. There are guidelines listed for those that get quarantined.

Wagoner Pre-K through 5th Grade

Wagoner elementary schools will assign students to groups either A or B. WPS will open school with face-to-face learning, four days a week.

However, students and families may decide to participate in blended learning of two days virtual and two days in-person.

There will be COVID-19 precautions taken should a student choose traditional learning. See details in pre-entry packet.

Should an outbreak occur, then virtual learning will take place. Again, details on this option are in the student packet.

Blended learning is also an option with A/B schedule. Details are in the student packet.

There will be no students in the buildings before 7:30 a.m. each morning. Regular precautions of taking temperature before arriving or while at school will be used. No one with a temperature over 99.5 degrees will be allowed inside.

General classroom plans, hallway procedure, general cafeteria rules, students bringing their own supplies and recess are all covered in the pre-entry packet.

Middle School

The Middle School will follow most of the same rules as the elementary students.

One added wrinkle is no food or drink will be allowed to be brought onto campus.

Students may bring their lunch and bottled water, but nothing more from outside.

Middle School athletics will be still be offered unless directed by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) not to play.

High School

The building will not be open before 8:30 a.m. and no one will be allowed inside until that time.

The students will follow the same rules as the elementary and middle school students.

Health issues will also be followed as previously stated and details are in pre-entry plan in the student packet.

Distance learning for high school students needs to be determined by Aug. 13.

There will be 13 virtual school days built into the calendar.

High school sports will be determined by the OSSAA guidelines.

High school visitors will be limited to emergencies or issues of extreme importance. All meetings need to be arranged through the office. Lunch deliveries will not be permitted.

This was a brief overview of what to expect. For greater details download the pre-entry guide or find the copy in the student enrollment packet.