Wagoner Public Schools

Due to the classification change to track and field schools this spring, Wagoner will now compete in Class 5A. That switch has caused another change for Wagoner seniors as graduation and Grad Night festivities will be moved back a day to May 16 at 8 p.m.

All this was announced as the Tuesday, Feb. 11 Wagoner Public Schools Board of Education meeting.

The 5A track and field championships will take place in Ardmore on May 15-16. The original 2020 Wagoner graduation had been set for May 15 and would have been almost impossible to compete on the 15th, travel to graduation and go back on the 16th for the track finals.

Wagoner has been back and forth when it came to track and field classifications. It was either the biggest school in 4A or the smallest one in 5A. This spring the Bulldogs are the smallest 5A school. This class change only applies to track and field.

The board approved the new graduation date and offered to pick up any penalty fees from moving the Grad Night party, too.