A group of citizens, who simply wished to be known as “Citizens Who Back The Blue”, came to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office with approximately 86 gift bags in tow filled with “Defend The Blue” t-shirts, WCSO water bottles, antibacterial, Thank You cards and various snacks for all Wagoner County Deputies and Detention Staff on Friday, July 31.

These citizens were from different areas within and outside of Wagoner County and expressed that they simply wanted their local law enforcement to know that “we love and appreciate you all…we’re praying for you all…and we are here if you all ever need anything.”

Sheriff Chris Elliott met with these citizens and expressed his deep appreciation for their willingness to bless their local law enforcement and offer their support during these trying times.

Sheriff Elliott also discussed with these citizens the importance of local law enforcement and the citizens that we serve working together, looking out for each other and taking the time to be a blessing to one another day in and day out.

“We can’t do this without people like you, and we are better as an agency for having such great people to serve as you,” said Elliott.

These same citizens also stated that they had already visited the Wagoner Police Department with similar gifts and kind gestures and that they planned to reach out to other surrounding law enforcement agencies to do the same in the near future.