OKLAHOMA CITY -- The State Department of Health (OSDH) is continuing to have technical problems tabulating the number of COVID-19 cases, but managed to get the statewide cases updated during Tuesday's report.

There have been 27,147 confirmed cases. That's an increase 1,714 from Sunday's and Monday's declared short numbers. There were nine reported deaths statewide to total 461, but none came from Wagoner County.

“OSDH’s number one priority is making COVID-19 testing widely available and efficient for the public as well as operating an effective, and trusted, contact tracing program. During this time of increased demand, OSDH is prioritizing manpower and resources to communicate positive results and to provide medical guidance for quarantining and minimizing spread,” said interim Commissioner Lance Frye. “We recognize the significant challenges we’ve experienced with outdated systems, and are working to modernize processes and incorporate new technology to streamline operations and improve critical customer services during the pandemic.”

There are currently 613 in the hospital with COVID-19 and 472,057 have tested negative for the disease.

No city, county or recovery totals were released by the state department of health in this update.