Coweta Arrests

Information in this column is obtained from public records at the Coweta Police Department for the period ending July 22, 2020.

Not every incident leads to a charge under the law. If charges are filed, guilt, innocence or other liability is determined by a court of law.

Some names may be similar or even identical to those individuals not involved.


Bradley Lane Archie, was arrested July 21 on complaints of a Wagoner County warrants (3) for driving under the influence, embezzlement and assault.

Jason Wayne Guy, was arrested July 20 on complaints of any convicted felon carries or possesses any firearm.

Chance William Kroll, was arrested July 19 on complaints of hold/Wagoner County warrant for possession of firearm after adjudicated as a delinquent-no bond.

Michael Sean Singleton, was arrested July 18 on complaints of a protective order violation.