Just days before Coweta cross country athletes begin official training for the 2020 season, damage has been reported to their local competitive course.

Head Coach Bob Clements said areas on the course which run from northeast of the high school all the way to 151st Street behind Vernon Cemetery are filled with ruts, most likely caused by four-wheelers.

“People are cutting the fence and driving their vehicles through there, tearing things up,” Clements said. “Coach (Mike) Wilson and I have put posts in concrete in the two major areas where they come in and people have figured out a way to go around them.”

Someone has also torn the gate off of an access point near the former FFA pig farm.

“This is frustrating for our course,” Clements noted. “It’s hard enough with the roots we have to deal with, but to have ruts as well? Some are a foot deep. With kids running through there they can twist ankles or even break a leg.”

Coaches are now scrambling to fill in the ruts to ensure safety for runners.

Clements urges people to refrain from traveling on the course in any manner other than by walking or running.