For 23 years, Donnie Krumsiek dedicated his life to public service with the Coweta Police Department. He knows firsthand the challenges law enforcement officers face each and every day.

Now employed in the private sector, Krumsiek is coordinating a community event in Coweta to show the men and women serving in local, county and state law enforcement positions they are not only appreciated, but needed and wanted.

On Saturday, Aug. 1, at 11 a.m., a “Back the Blue on Broadway” walk is planned in Coweta’s downtown Broadway District. The walk begins in the west parking lot of Central Elementary and will go south to 151st Street. Participants will then turn around and come back north up Broadway Street and conclude in front of the police and fire stations where they will pray for all emergency responders.

The entire walk is approximately one mile long. Krumsiek encourages residents to either join the walk or line the streets with signs, flags, shirts or hats that show support for law enforcement and cheer participants on.

“At times in law enforcement you feel like no one wants you until they need you,” Krumsiek explained. “That thin blue line is one thing that stands between anarchy and civility. There has to be a justice system, and people have to be held accountable for their actions – good and bad.

“These guys and gals need some love too,” he added.

The event organizer said the walk could be held anywhere in the city, however he chose downtown in hopes that the crowd will be large and benefit from businesses being open.

Krumsiek said if businesses want to get involved, maybe they can hand out bottles of water, fly a Thin Blue Line flag or display anything to show support.

“Let’s show our love and respect for the men and women who choose to dedicate their careers to serving the communities we live in,” he said.