Hayleigh Glover, a 2017 Skiatook High School graduate, received the Golden Spirit Award for cheerleading at Oklahoma State University.

Her parents are Michelle Daley and Steve Daley of Tulsa and Chris Glover and Melinda Glover of Skiatook.

“Hayliegh is a 3rd year team member. Hayliegh has always been the biggest supporter of her team and of OSU. She is a coach’s dream that she works hard to improve her skills every day and that she puts the team’s goals before her own. She is a valued teammate because she pushes others through her effort and positivity day in and day out. Hayleigh is always working with less experienced team members to help them improve. Even when circumstances out of her control have kept her from competing, she has never let that impact her effort or committment to her team and OSU athletics,” said Lindsay Bracken, OSU Head Cheer Coach.

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