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Due to COVID-19, Newman Middle School has modified certain items on our school supply list in order to create a safer environment for all students and staff. To help limit student contact, we will be allowing students to carry their backpacks this year. All drinking fountains will be closed off, therefore students can bring a water bottle or thermos with water ONLY in their backpacks. Water bottle refill stations are expected to be open as normal. Students may also carry Germ-X and cleaning wipes if they choose to do so. At this time, student masks will be recommended but not required for busses, passing periods, etc.

We are planning to implement a 1-to-1 daily Chromebook initiative in hopes that this will prevent 6 or more different students touching the same device during each school day (more details at a later date). Utilizing Chromebooks will allow us to help limit contact by completing and submitting work digitally. The Chromebook can also be carefully carried in the student’s backpack.

This year’s supply list was modified in order to limit sharing. We understand that it may be difficult to get some of the supplies. The district-wide and Newman reopening plan will be released at a later date, however I felt the need to get some of this information to you as soon as I could so that you can begin to prepare. Let’s maintain a positive attitude with this transition back to school and I am looking forward to meeting everyone. Go Bulldogs!

Newman Middle School General Supply List

2 boxes of Kleenex — Team Teacher

1 container of Clorox wipes or 1 bottle of hand sanitizer *if you can find it

1 reusable face mask or shield (recommended but not required at this time)

Pair of earbuds/headphones that can be plugged into a school device

Back pack (no rolling backpacks) — not required, but would help

4 — 2 pocket brad with folders

4 — composition books


Pencils and handheld sharpener (or mechanical pencils)

1 — package of colored pencils

1 — package of red ink pens

1 — package of low odor Expo colored markers

1 — each pink, yellow and green highlighter

Glue sticks

*Some supplies may need to be replenished throughout the year.

*For some classes students might need special items.

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