Kathy Garza is just taking care of God’s children.

Heaven Sent Coat Closet started passing out coats to local residents in October 2016, and the ministry has just continued to grow. Garza joined the ministry and started a food pantry. “I did it because God asked me to. He told me that we needed an emergency food pantry.” So Garza asked permission to start the food pantry, but was never really given the go ahead to start.

“One day I just cleaned out and room and got it going,” Garza said. She bought a shelf, a grocery cart and $100 worth of groceries. All of the food was gone the first week. “There is such a need out there. And God never fails,” she said. And the ministry grew.

Heaven Sent serves around 50-75 or more families each week and that number just keeps growing. They offer clothing, food, toiletries and prayer. They also help visitors with other local resources that can help them. They help people in Skiatook, Sperry, Avant and Collinsville.

Garza is also looking to expand the ministry. A GoFundMe account was set up to help get a new building so they can provide even more and expand the number of communities they serve.

“God provides, I just do what he tells me to do and go pick up all the food,” Garza said. She spends six days a week making sure the food pantry is stocked and ready for people in need. “I just love this community and want to serve all of the people here.”

“These are my people,” Garza said. “Christ wants you to love on people and so I love on the people that come here. I want them to see Christ through me.”

“She makes everyone feel welcome and offers prayers and encouragement to those who need it and want it. She continually gives of herself,” said one nomination. Another said,“I could almost guarantee there is not a single family in town that has not been helped in one way or another through Kathy’s ministry.”

Garza is tireless in her efforts to keep the shelves of the food pantry full. “If someone is in need, Kathy will drop everything she is doing to help better their lives,” said one nomination. “If people cannot afford air conditioning in the summer, she will rally the community to buy a window unit. If people lose their home to a fire, she will rally the community to donate clothes of their sizes. The greatest gift she can receive is not for herself, but a box cargo van with groceries for the people of Skiatook.”

Garza also helps other local ministries to fill their food pantries. “When we work together we can stay on top of things. There is no reason anyone should go to bed hungry,” she said.

Heaven Sent Clothes Closet and Food Pantry is located inside the Skiatook Assembly of God, 1500 S. Osage. They are open from 1:00-4:30 p.m. on Thursdays. “This is free,” Garza said. “We will never ask for a dime from anyone coming to us for help.”

“I do it for God,” Garza said. “He has to do all the work. I’m just his hands, his feet and his voice. He brings the food and He brings the people. I am humbled and blessed at what He is able to do. It is such an honor that the people of Skiatook feel this way about me. I’m just doing what He told me to do.”

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