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Lady Dawgs vs. Sapulpa at Skiatook basketball tournament January 7, 2021.

Brittany Crawford published third book, starts book on pandemic

Brittany Crawford has published her third book, Tilly and the Electrifying Thuderstorm.

Crawford published her first book in 2010 called I Sit in a Wheelchair … but I will be Okay. The book was written to help children feel better about being in a wheelchair, a subject close to Crawford’s heart.

Crawford has cerebral palsy, a disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination. But that has never slowed her down.

She published her second book, Tilly and the Terrible Tornado, in 2020 and spends her free time volunteering with children. She understands exactly how to help children have a better understanding of scary things that happen in their lives. And, they love her.

Crawford took to Facebook during school shut downs to read to children and talk to them through live videos. She did her best to try to ease their fears and keep things as normal as possibly during 2020. And, she was still writing.

What have you been up to since we last spoke? Quite a bit, actually. The pandemic hasn’t slowed me down too much. I still volunteer three days a week. I’m still writing books (and reading anything I can get my hands on). I am still active in my church (Skiatook Christian). In addition, in April, 2020, I started a brand new venture. I now paint all kinds of chalk pictures. My booth is available in Collinsville at Farm Hippie.

Are you still volunteering with children? Yes, I am still volunteering three days a week. When HeadStart closed, I was devastated. The ladies there were not only friends, but family. And, I missed the kids terribly. Besides, HeadStart was where the idea for my Tilly books were born.

However, shortly after HeadStart closed, I reached out to Stephanie Spencer, and offered to volunteer at Lakeview Early Learning Academy in Skiatook. I have been there since July, and LOVE it. The ladies who work there have welcomed me with open arms, and Mr. Rick, is a pretty cool guy. The kids are adorable too, so Lakeview is my second home.

What is your third book about? My third book is entitled, Tilly and the Electrifying Thunderstorm. In this adventure, Tilly learns all about electrical safety while participating in Girl Scouts and playing softball with her friends. Little does Tilly know, she will have to use the skills she learned as a Girl Scout to save her new friend’s life, Here is a fun fact. One of my characters re occur in this book, that was introduced in Tilly and the Ferocious Flood.

What was the inspiration for Tilly and the Electrifying Thunderstorm? In order to get the inspiration for this book, I had to go back to my elementary school years. I loved learning about Louie the Lightening Bug as a child. He made learning about electrical safety fun. But, I had not heard anything about how kids can stay safe dealing with electricity in several years. And, since my books are community minded, I wanted to tie the Girl Scouts into it because they work on service projects. My 11 year old niece is a Girl Scout, and I dedicated the book to her, as well as several electrical linemen I knew.

How long does it take for you to write a book? I began work on Tilly and the Terrible Tornado in May of 2019. The printed book came out in December 19th, 2019. So that one was about 8 months, give or take for the entire process. I actually finished writing in October, 2019, so it took about 6 months to write.

I didn’t waste any time with the flood book, and began work on it in January, 2020. I set it to the publisher mid-March, and it hit the shelves in May, 2019.

I immediately started working Tilly and the Electrifying Thunderstorm in June of 2019. Finished this one in Mid-August, and it hit the shelves in November.

My fourth book, Percy and the Powerful Pandemic might take a little more time, as there is going to be a lot of ground to cover. As a matter of fact, I don’t expect it to even go to the publisher until May or June

What are you hoping to teach children in Percy and the Powerful Pandemic? Just like in all my books, I hope to teach children to the significance of the pandemic. It’s been a long hard road, especially for children. In and out of school for sometimes, an extended period of time. Not being able to see friends, family or teachers Having to learn how to navigate school virtually.

In a lot of cases, parents are deemed essential workers. Some, like doctors and nurses have to work around the clock. Therefore, children have to get used to new routines, even at home.

I also want to teach children it is okay to have big feelings. It’s okay to be sad, angry, etc. It is my hope that parents and children who read this book can navigate this new normal together.

Where can people purchase your books? People can purchase my books on Amazon or Farm Hippie in Collinsville also has all three of my books. Boarding House Books in Claremore has the tornado and the flood book. The Book Exchange in Pryor also has the Tornado and the Flood book.

What is next for you? After writing the pandemic book, I think Tilly is going to play in the snow, then, she will learn all about the sunny weather.

My next book signing will be at Farm Hippie January 23rd from Noon-2:00. PM. I will have all three books available.

I am also encouraging teachers in the area to talk to me about hosting zoom or Google meets in their classrooms. I did a Google classroom session with 6 classes from Hoover Elementary in Bartlesville and had a lot of fun with it. I’m hoping for more.

What keeps you going? Family, very supportive friends, my church family, and most of all God. Plus, it helps if you love what you do.

Nominate your business for Best in the Burbs

The Tulsa World and Oklahoma Weekly Group have a new contest to celebrate the best suburbs have to offer.

The Best in the Burbs is only open to businesses without a Tulsa mailing address. This contest is just for those communities outside of the Tulsa area.

Nominations are needed for businesses and owners within the following groups: automotive, beauty and fitness, children, clothing and accessories, finance, food and drink, healthcare, home and garden, people of the year, pets, quality of life, services, shopping and place or business most missed during covid.

Anyone can make nominations and they begin online on Monday, Jan. 18. If you nominate at least 25 businesses or people, you can enter to win a $100 VISA gift card.

The five businesses with the most nominations in each category will advance to the voting round that starts on Feb. 22.

The winners will be announced in a special section that will be inserted into the Tulsa World and all four of its weekly publications, the Wagoner County American-Tribune, Sand Springs Leader, Owasso Reporter and Skiatook Journal.

There is no purchase necessary to nominate or win. Users may nominate one business per category for the duration of the nomination round.

Nominate starting on Monday, Jan. 18, at:

Skiatook vs. Broken Arrow at the Skiatook Tournament January 7, 2021.

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OSDH launches online portal for easy COVID-19 vaccine registration
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The State Department of Health launched a website on January 7, 2021 for online registration to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

The portal will help Oklahomans determine when they are eligible to receive the vaccine and how to schedule an appointment when it is their turn according to a press release.

The press release states, “The online portal will serve as a point of registration for Oklahomans who choose to receive the vaccine to determine their eligibility within each priority group and provide contact information to OSDH for updates and notifications when it is their turn to receive the vaccine.”

“This is an exciting step, as we now have the opportunity to vaccinate larger priority groups in Oklahoma,” said Dr. Lance Frye, State Commissioner of Health. “We know Oklahomans are eager to find out when and where they can get the vaccine, and we’re thankful for their patience as our team quickly works to develop innovative solutions. We’re hopeful that the launch of this portal will ease confusion and create a seamless experience for all Oklahomans.”

If you do not have access to the internet or a computer, OSDH is exploring additional options. At this time, the agency has recommended consulting with a friend or family member for assistance, or calling the local county health department or 211 hotline.

“Efficient progress through the distribution plan relies on the supply of vaccine doses available and the ability to make them accessible to additional priority groups by distributing to local providers. As the state continues to receive supply and set up additional access points in communities, they will continue to have the ability to serve additional population groups,” the press release states.

There will be locations for vaccine distribution or “PODS,” Points of Dispensing Sites, across the state. The locations will allow for individuals to safely receive the coronavirus vaccine in the upcoming weeks.

“We have always planned to roll out the vaccine in an overlapping manner versus waiting for 100% completion of one group before starting another,” said OSDH Deputy Commissioner Keith Reed. “This helps ensure efficient use of resources to maximize available vaccine and vaccinators. Moving into a new priority group does not close the door on the previous groups, it simply adds another opportunity for more vaccinations.”

The registration portal will serve as a tool to help eligible Oklahomans find more information on when and where to receive the vaccine and registering information online will not reserve individuals a spot on any kind of list. Appointment availability is dependent on vaccine supply in each county.

Please note that eligibility also doesn’t mean you’ll be able to receive an appointment right away. Appointment availability will depend on vaccine supply in each county, which changes from week to week as the state receives more vaccine doses from the federal government.

If you’re not currently eligible to receive the vaccine or if there are no appointments available in your area based on vaccine supply, registering in advance will ensure you are notified by email when your appointment is available.

As a reminder, there is no list for Oklahomans to be added to in order to be included in the state’s phased approach to vaccine distribution. The Vaccine Scheduler Portal is a tool to help notify eligible Oklahomans when and where they can receive the vaccine when an appointment is available to them.

Vaccine Plan Reminder

There is no list for Oklahomans to be added to in order to be included in the state’s phased approach to vaccine distribution. However, for up-to-date, detailed information about the vaccine distribution plan and the priority populations included in each phase, please visit or call 2-1-1. In addition, for updates on Oklahoma’s vaccine distribution progress, follow OSDH on social media:

● On Facebook:

● On Twitter: @HealthyOklahoma and @OKVaccine

● On Instagram: @HealthyOklahoma

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