2020-07-29 ssl-ctmprayer

Camdyn Baccus, 6, right, prays for Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter, left, along with Church That Matters Pastor Rusty Gunn during the Sunday, July 26, 2020 service at CTM. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Williams

Police officers are the last line of defense for citizens, and, in some parts of the country, police officers are being demonized. Some officers have been shot and killed in recent riots just because of their profession.

However, in Sand Springs, one young man is supporting the local police by simply praying for them.

Six-year old Camdyn Baccus wants to be a police officer when he grows up, and now he is meeting and praying for officers all over the area, especially Sand Springs.

“I’ve heard all this great stuff about them, and they protect us and our city,” Baccus said.

Baccus receives business cards of the officers he meets, and he places them in a prayer book. He also has pictures and patches from various police departments and prays over them whenever he gets the chance.

“It was natural for us to have Camdyn Baccus lead us in prayer as he Is a young man who prays daily for police officers that he has met in various cities. He has a notebook with business cards are police officers and patches from police departments and is passionate about lifting these officers up for their safety, protection, and well-being,” said Church That Matters Pastor Rusty Gunn.

On Sunday, July 26, Sand Springs Police Chief Mike Carter attended Church That Matters and Baccus prayed over Carter and the rest of the Sand Springs Police Department during the service.

“It’s so heartwarming to know that we have the love and support of such a great young man is at the top of the list of things that I believe are important,” Carter said. “I am humbled to know that he and his family pray for us. It means more than words can express.”

Carter and Gunn knelt with Baccus, and the young man prayed for the police department. He asked God for their safety, to catch the bad guys, and that the officers wouldn’t have nightmares due to all of the troubling things they deal with every day.

“We wanted to take time to specifically pray for our police officers and honor them for their incredible sacrifices and service,” Gunn said. “The Sand Springs police department has continued to operate with the highest integrity through conflict, controversy, and crisis facing police departments everywhere. Proverbs 3 in the Bible tells us to give honor where honor is due. We believe these officers are worthy of great honor.”

Gunn said, “Police officers often see the worst of people, and sometimes they see the best of people at their worst. In different situations and circumstances that they come across, (officers) have to make quick decisions. And those decisions often have long-lasting, sometimes life-changing, sometimes even life-ending results. And yet, they walk towards that type of danger every single day to protect and serve the communities they live in a serve.”

Church That Matters then presented Carter with a custom tumbler cup for each officer with their name and badge number emblazoned on them. The tumblers were full of gift cards and notes of inspiration.

“There’s a reality that they might not make it home because of their profession,” Gunn said.

Baccus is a part of Kids That Matter, the children’s department of CTM, and the Baccus family was scheduled to go on vacation this past weekend, but they postponed their trip for a day so their son could pray for Chief Carter and the rest of the department.

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