COVID-19 update

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The city of Sand Springs has recorded two deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that number is holding steady at two as of Monday, July 27.

Sand Springs has not recorded a death due to COVID-19 in over a month. The city has had 144 confirmed cases, but 121 have recovered, leaving 23 open cases.

“We have been lucky in Sand Springs for the numbers to stay low,” said Sand Springs Mayor Jim Spoon. “It appears that people are changing their habits when they are away from home. Social distancing and wearing a mask in public is becoming the new normal for most of our citizens. Lets hope we can keep the numbers low as school starts in Sand Springs.”

In the city of Tulsa, there have been 5,230 cases with 4,338 recoveries, and 67 deaths. The state of Oklahoma has recorded 535,628 cumulative negative tests and 573,185 total tests. As of July 24, there were 625 patients hospitalized and there have been 2,872 total hospitalizations. There have been no deaths in the past 24 hours.

In Tulsa County, there have been 7,912 positive tests with 6,392 recoveries and 90 deaths.

There have been 31,285 cases in Oklahoma with 496 deaths, and 24,698 recoveries.

In the United States, 4,233,923 have tested positive and 1,297,863 have recovered with 146,935 deaths

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