2020-07-29 ssl-douglas

Morgan Douglas

Morgan Douglas was recently hired to be the principal of the Early Childhood Education Center, and she answered a few questions for the Leader.

1. What made you want to become a principal?

I became a principal because I have a passion to lead. I have loved leading my students for the past six years and knew I wanted to extend that leadership to teachers, as well. Supporting others and being positive are very fulfilling to me.

2. What other schools have you worked at and what was your position?

Northeast Elementary School — Owasso, 1 year, special education teacher

Angus Valley Elementary, SSPS, 5 year, special education teacher

3. What qualities do you have that will make you successful at ECEC?

Positivity is key. Especially through the uncertainty we are navigating as a district, I am looking forward to being a light in our building. Teachers deserve to be loved and supported for all of their hard work. I’ve been able to work under an amazing, supportive leader at Angus Valley. Angelia Noel taught me to lead with grace and understanding and I am forever grateful for that.

4. How important is Early Childhood education in a child’s education?

Attending Pre-K is one of the best things you can do for your four-year-old. They are learning the foundational skills they will need for Kindergarten and beyond. A huge part of Pre-K is building social and emotional skills, as well as academic skills. We collaborate with the Kindergarten teachers in the district to make sure we are effectively preparing our students to move forward. We will do all we can at the ECEC to make it the best experience for the families we serve!

5. Are there any changes you would make at ECEC, big or small?

A big change that has already been made this year is that all Pre-K classes in the district are now at the ECEC. We are so excited to all be under one roof. Another change that will be made this year is a car rider line. This has never been done at the ECEC, but we are ready to safely and effectively implement this for families. Lastly, we are offering before and after school care for our ECEC kiddos at low cost to families. Forms for that can be filled out at Meet the Teacher night on August 13th. If you haven’t enrolled your four-year-old you can find enrollment information at www.sandites.org. or email me at morgan.douglas@sandites.org if you have any questions! Through these uncertain times, please know that we are going to take great care of your child!

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