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Sand Springs Mayor Jim Spoon, left, presents Bruce Ford with the 2020 John M. Hess award Monday, July 27, 2020 at city hall. KIRK MCCRACKEN/Leader

Bruce Ford has spent the majority of his life helping others and was recognized for his kindness, leadership, and dedication by the city council Monday, July 27 at the newly-remodeled Sand Springs Municipal Building.

During the city council meeting, Ford was awarded the 2020 John M. Hess Municipal Award for Outstanding Citizenship for his distinguished record of service, dedication, and concern for his fellow man, community, and municipal government.

“It’s an honor,” Ford said to the city council. “It’s great to be a part of such a great community. I’m proud of all of you.”

Ford knows the joys and pains of being a city council member, mayor, city manager, and much more.

Before his time in public service, Ford was shipped off to Vietnam as a young man, spending most of his time in the service aboard the U.S.S. Haleakala for two tours of duty. After his time in the service, Ford was hired at the Sheffield Steel Corporation, starting his professional career in Sand Springs.

He spent decades serving as a chairman or board member for multiple professional organizations aimed at growing the economy and school system. Ford served on the Sand Springs city council from 1991-1997 and he was acting mayor for around four years. He held nearly every office possible in Sand Springs government acting as the interim city manager, assistant city manager, director of human services, and finance director, and it all happened in a 13-year period.

Ford has also been a part of numerous local car shows, involving cars, trucks and motorcycles, and he was instrumental in the annual Riverfest event.

Ford served Tulsa County and the greater metro area through his work with the Indian National Council of Governments.

Driving cool cars is what Ford does for fun while serving as an inspiration to the city and the city council, modeling leadership, integrity, accountability, and commitment to the prosperity for the citizens and the economic growth of the city.

A proclamation from Sand Springs Mayor Jim Spoon reads: “Ford has given his time and talents as a true ambassador for the Sand Springs community, and has achieved the highest standards of performance in municipal government that John M. Hess would have greatly appreciated and respected.”

Nearly all of Ford’s family was on hand to witness the award presentation, and he mentioned all of them by name in his short address to the council.

The John M. Hess Municipal Award for Outstanding Citizenship was initiated by the city council in 2002 to recognize individuals who have provided a legacy of public service to the City of Sand Springs. This award signifies the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual by our city government. This award recognizes an individual for his or her lifelong commitment to growing the community through city government.

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