Owasso is now home to a new pediatric therapy clinic.

Strides Therapy, located at 7738 N. Owasso Expy., specializes in physical, occupational and speech care for children 18 and younger.

Physical therapist Wade Willis and his assistant Jessica Ring opened the facility in late March, and held a grand opening ceremony at the end of June.

The two colleagues have worked in their fields together over the last 12 years, and recently decided to branch out from under the corporate umbrella and bring their passion and expertise to the local level.

“(We) had great support by a lot of doctors, not only in Owasso but Collinsville as well, and we saw that need for this area,” Willis said, “so we made the decision to do it and haven’t looked back ever since.”

Ring added, “Wade and I started this because we wanted it to be a place of joy; that was our word and our mission statement. It’s not only a place of joy for kids, but it’s a place of joy for the staff, and it’s a place of joy for us.”

Willis and Ring leased more than 3,000 square feet of space — comprising a large gross motor gym, five private treatment rooms and a separate sensory processing room — to help children with orthopedic and special needs.

They utilize everything from swings and balance beams for physical therapy, cutting and handwriting for occupational, and pictures and puzzles for speech.

“You can see around the facility here, it’s very much tailored (to) toys and play for kiddos,” Willis said. “We’re engaging them, we’re engaging different muscles, we’re engaging different activities. A lot of this stuff, it’s really fun and inviting.”

Strides’ team of five provides hour-long sessions for physical and occupational therapy, and 30-minute sessions for speech. The business currently serves around 50 patients.

Willis said he believes his team’s focus on connection and familiarity provide a welcoming environment for children of all ages.

“We really strive for consistency,” Willis said. “So if a kiddo’s coming in … they will build that relationship with us. So we see that consistency of care really help that kiddo out … because they’re used to seeing us every time.”

Ring added, “We’re here to serve others, and I feel like that’s our main goal every day is just to do the best we can to support our families, support out kiddos and make their lives a little easier and improve anything we can for them.”

For more information about Strides Therapy, call 918-928-4255 or email stridestherapykids@gmail.com.