avery bieri

Avery Bieri received the $5,000 grant from the organization this week.

Courtesy photo

The Owasso Character Council recently named Avery Bieri the recipient of its 2020 scholarship.

Bieri received the grant, totaling $5,000, from the organization for her outstanding efforts.

“Avery displays strong character through her values and ethics, and acknowledges the growth that came through facing life’s challenges,” a Council spokesperson said in a release.

The Council started the scholarship program in 2016 to recognize college-bound students who demonstrate outstanding character in the areas of academics, extracurricular activities and community involvement.

Applicants submitted responses to questions reflective of good character. Each application underwent a blind rating process, with the top five candidates participating in an in-person panel interview.

“All of the applicants were highly qualified and leaders in the Owasso community,” the spokesperson said, “and the Character Council would like to acknowledge them for their dedication to character and commitment to making a difference.”

Bieri excelled in all areas, stating in her application a belief “that no one is born with good or bad character, but that it is developed over time, and a person’s admirable or negative traits and ethical principles are forged through either one’s upbringing or struggles.”

Bieri is the daughter of John and Terri Bieri and plans to pursue a degree in animal science at Colorado State University.

“The Character Council would like to thank those who support Owasso’s purposeful focus on character, whether it is through financial donations or with a passion to bring to life the culture of character our community encompasses,” the spokesperson said.

For more information about the Owasso Character Council, visit owassocharacter.org.