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Ask the Expert: Trissy Pitkin, Academic Advantage

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Trissy Pitkin


The school year is around the corner, how can I help my child with homework?

Here are some time-saving ways for you to help your child in regards to homework.

Homework Tips for each learning style

Auditory learners are typically good at absorbing information from spoken words. Strategies include:

• Talking to themselves or with others about what they’re learning

• Reciting important information aloud, perhaps recording it and playing it back

• Reading a book and listening to the audio book at the same time

• Using word associations

• Setting information to a tune and singing it to help remember it

• Limiting distracting noises

Kinesthetic learners prefer to be active while studying and may not be able to focus while sitting still. Strategies include:

• Reading aloud and tracking words on a page with a finger

• Writing things down multiple times to commit them to memory

• Highlighting and underlining

• Playing with a stress ball or toy while studying

• Moving around or taking frequent breaks

• Doing hands-on activities, such as building models or playing games

Visual learners benefit from seeing information on a chalkboard or in an illustration and may grow impatient listening for long periods of time. Strategies include:

• Using flash cards

• Studying charts, tables and maps

• Drawing illustrations

• Writing things down and reviewing notes

• Highlighting and underlining

• Color-coding information

If your child is struggling in school, that doesn’t mean they’re helpless. That gives you the opportunity to give them hope. Encourage your child every day and get the help they need.

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