Owasso Drug

Ryan Flanary, co-owner/pharmacist Owasso Drug

What should we know, and what should we do, about COVID-19?

We know it is caused by a novel (new) virus from the coronavirus family that is specifically known as SARS-CoV-2. We know it is a respiratory virus that is easily spread primarily thru respiratory droplets from one person to another, such as when we cough or sneeze. There may be other ways it’s transmitted, but unfortunately we do not know for sure at this point.

Should we wear masks and will they keep us from getting COVID? This question has been a huge point of contention lately, with many cities and businesses mandating wearing masks when in public or entering certain stores. I have not seen any evidence that a mask, any mask, will ‘prevent’ you from getting it. The point of the mask is to decrease the amount of respiratory droplets one expels. If you and I both have on a mask, we will both expel significantly fewer respiratory droplets towards each other than usual, therefore decreasing our exposure.

At Owasso Drug, our staff is wearing masks in order to protect our customers. As far as requirements for our customers, we are encouraging masks, but they are not required to shop at our business. If someone is not comfortable entering our store, we offer drive-thru, curbside, mail, and delivery service to accommodate our customers.

The most important thing we need to be doing is taking care of ourselves and our immune system. We do know that healthy individuals are generally showing fewer and less severe symptoms and are recovering fairly quickly. Having a strong healthy immune system is our best defense against COVID-19, or any other germ that’s out there. How do we strengthen our immune systems? Getting good sleep (ideally 8 hours), staying hydrated, eating a healthy balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables, exercising, and trying to decrease stress are all ways to keep our immune system in top shape and ready to fight off these viruses.

Let’s all work together to wash our hands, decrease our exposure, and boost our immune systems so we can put this virus behind us and get back to life as we once knew it!