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A life of basketball and mentorship

A life of basketball and mentorship

The need for life-changing mentors is even more critical today than ever before.

The society and even the world you and I grew up in is quite different than it was when I was growing up in Oklahoma. I don’t believe the world has changed for the better, but I believe that therein lies the great opportunity to make a difference.

It’s imperative that our kids are able to find positive role models. Many of the celebrities and professional athletes that we have today are providing poor examples of how we want our kids to view themselves, the values we want them to embrace and the attitudes we want them to have so that they can become successful.

Our kids are being told it’s not their fault, that they are the victims and that any mistakes they do make are the result of mistakes made by someone else.

Our kids now look up to celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and countless other celebrities who are willing to take everything off and doing anything for fame and money.

Because of the prevalence of social media and video games, they are now given easy access to filth and bad attitudes that unless dealt with will influence our kids in far greater ways than most of us think.

As a basketball coach who has been asked to mentor thousands of kids throughout the years, I do believe that there are things we can do and must do to overcome the impact of negative outside influences.

One of the lessons I’ve learned is that it’s almost impossible to raise kids on our own and that mentors like myself and my other two coaches can have a powerful and life changing effect on kids.

It’s important that the trainers and mentors you place into the lives of your children support the kind of character and lessons they you want your kids to be taught.

Furthermore, without intentionally placing positive mentors into the lives of our children, the odds of our kids heading down the wrong road are great.

For instance, at Score we tell kids that God didn’t create them for mediocrity. Although not every kid is blessed with the physical attributes needed to excel in the game of basketball, we want to make sure that every child leaves with the feeling that they have the capacity to become something great.

Because we have this mindset, we constantly hammer home the training that in life and in the game of basketball their best effort is always required.

We teach kids that they should be reading self-help books consistently. When we coach kids, we require them to lead, help and encourage other players and not be selfish. Kids are taught that hard things are good for them because it makes them grow up while overcoming fear and insecurities.

At Score Basketball, we teach the players that we coach that they have to be goal-oriented and not be just wandering generalities in search of happiness.

We also encourage our students to quit playing video games and to begin focusing on the things that they must do if they truly want to achieve success at the next level.

We teach students that the only way to change your life is to change your daily habits and that must include doing things that they don’t feel like doing. Every kid should be doing hard things weekly.

Our kids know that it’s their responsibility to learn and develop, not the responsibility of their coaches or parents. They know that character is what counts in life and in the game of basketball.

There are great mentors out there. We as parents have to find these great mentors whether it’s a coach, youth pastor or an older friend.

Furthermore, it’s our right and responsibility to monitor what they listen to, what’s on their cell phone, what they watch on TV and what friends they hang out with.

I would drop a teacher or coach quickly if they were poor role models for my son.

We have to fight for the minds of our children. Our future depends on it.

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