COVID-19 in Tulsa

A sign asks customers to keep their distance amid the coronavirus outbreak at the Reasor’s grocery store near 15th Street and Lewis Avenue in Tulsa on March 31. MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World

Reasor’s chain of Oklahoma grocery stores is urging customers to begin wearing face masks.

“In an ever-changing landscape of information and suggestions surrounding the coronavirus, Reasor’s wishes to continue to maintain its position as Northeast Oklahoma’s leading supermarket chain,” Reasor’s CEO Jeff Reasor said in a statement.

“With that comes the responsibility to inform our customers and the public at large as to the best up-to-date practices and safety as current information from the Tulsa and Oklahoma State Health Departments to the Centers for Disease Control can provide. That being said Oklahoma, here’s how we all can help.”

Besides the customer face mask recommendation, Reasor’s is requiring its employees to wear face masks. It has been able to supply employees with disposable face masks and is working with Tall Grass Tailor to supply employees with re-usable cloth face masks and Professional Image Packaging to supply face shields to employees.

Reasor’s has separated entrances and exits to ensure 6-foot, physical distancing guidelines and placed directional signage in aisles to ensure one-way traffic, allowing for the distancing.

The chain also is asking patrons to designate only one person per family to visit the store and to avoid shopping in groups. It is strongly suggesting a “one person per cart” rule, the lone exception being single parents who must bring minor children to the store.

Addressing inventory during the pandemic, Reasor’s said it has hired more than 150 new employees over the past two weeks and is working with food service organizations to have furloughed workers sent to the company.

As for its online shopping service, Reasor’s said it is working properly but is being overrun by orders. Most of the new employees are working as temporary online personal shoppers, which, along with technological advancements, is allowing it to open more time slots per hour.

Online partner SHIPT is available for customers needing home delivery.

“I hope this brief outline will help others to see what we feel as a company is important and that you will join us in the fight,” Reasor said. “Over 2,000-plus brave Reasor’s employees are fighting the good fight … Will you help us?”

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