A Tulsa developer wants to invest about $2.5 million to convert a former downtown OTASCO store into a 16,000-square-foot multitenant and restaurant development.

The building, at the northeast corner of Second Street and Cincinnati Avenue, is being used as a carpentry shop.

At Thursday’s regular meeting of the Tulsa Development Authority, Southbridge Equities LLC will ask the TDA to authorize spending $205,000 of Technology TIF funds for an alley renovation between Cincinnati and Detroit avenues from First to Second streets, providing a new, one-block long, 20-foot wide drive lane and pedestrian walkway. The concrete is proposed to be terra cotta red, and the alley would be fully lighted.

“In keeping with the recommendations of Tulsa’s Walkability Study, I also intend to convert the surface parking lot on the east side of the building into a landscaped courtyard with outdoor dining, and I will be adding retail spaces that front onto the alley,” Jeff Scott, of Southbridge Equities, wrote in a July 25 letter to TDA commissioners. “For this to be successful, the alley, itself, needs to become a pedestrian-friendly amenity, which will link the west side of the alley to the existing restaurant and retail space to the east side of the alley.

“Second, it is my desire that this project become a prototype for what alleys can become in our downtown, and with this proposed template, more projects like this will emerge throughout downtown, converting alleys from service corridors, filled to capacity with trash dumpsters, to pleasant, pedestrian-friendly passageways.”

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