Five Questions with Bryan Sanderlin of Oseco

Bryan Sanderlin is president of Oseco, a Broken Arrow-based manufacturer of rupture discs used in pressure vessels. The company started in 1981. Tulsa World file

Correction: This story originall misspelled the Oseco president's last name. The story has been corrected.

Bryan Sanderlin is president of Oseco, a Broken Arrow-based manufacturer of rupture discs used in pressure vessels. The company started in 1981.

1. Oseco makes rupture discs and pressure-relief devices. What does that mean?

Rupture discs are specialized pressure-relief devices that protect people and equipment from the dangers that can occur when piping and pressure vessels become overpressured and fail. In many cases, “failure” means a violent explosion that can do a lot of serious damage. Rupture discs are safety products that relieve the excess pressure in a safer and more controlled manner. They are used in a variety of industries, but our primary target market includes large chemical plants and refineries.

2. How long has the company been around and what’s changed the most in its scope and specialty?

Oseco has been manufacturing rupture discs in Broken Arrow since 1981. We started in an old rented machine shop and we have grown into two modern manufacturing buildings full of the latest technology for our industry. We continue to reinvest in our people, equipment and innovation. This has helped us to extend the performance capabilities of our products and to develop new products that no one thought were possible just five years ago. We have come a long way over the last 30 years!

3. Your products have been featured on the Cable show MythBusters. What’s the episode most memorable for you?

The first episode that we worked on is still the one most remembered. They blew up a large, fake shark and measured the pressure waves under water with Oseco rupture discs. We didn’t really understand what was involved in doing a show back then, so we had two engineers on site to make sure everything went smoothly. They had a blast pun intended and the MythBusters team sent a “Thank You” video to everyone at Oseco that had helped with the project. That was a nice touch and it set the tone for the same collaboration on all future shows.

4. Oseco was named company of the year by the Broken Arrow Chamber earlier this year. How do you feel the city has done in developing its industrial base?

Most people do not realize how much manufacturing takes place in Broken Arrow. It’s the third-largest manufacturing center in the state. We all drive by small manufacturing companies every day, and most of us never stop to think about what they make or do there. The Broken Arrow Chamber is supportive in many ways. For example, they provide several forums for local manufacturing companies to find each other. Nearly all of our suppliers are nearby. This not only helps our local economy, but it also makes good business sense.

5. You are chairman of the board for A New Leaf. Tell us more about that nonprofit and why it’s so dear to your heart?

I became aware of A New Leaf while going through Leadership Broken Arrow a few years ago. ANL provides vocational and residential programs for those with developmental disabilities. They are best known for their greenhouses that are operated by their clients. I was always impressed by how happy the clients were to be planting seeds, potting plants, etc. They were always smiling and joking around. When I found that the vast majority of Oklahomans with developmental disabilities mostly sit at home and watch TV all day, I knew this was an organization with a noble purpose and that I wanted to help.

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