Barry Lewis

Tulsa World sports writer Barry Lewis interviews Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro. JOEY JOHNSON/for the Tulsa World

Years in media: 35 (37 if my college newspaper years are included)

Why I got into this business: I wanted a career where I would be involved in sports and I knew at an early age my best route would not be playing them, but reporting about them.

In one sentence, why is journalism important: To inform and help readers.

What three words describe you: Honest, loyal, inquisitive

What issue fires you up: The Dallas Cowboys’ two decades of mediocrity

Who is a Tulsan you admire: Steve Largent

What is your favorite local hangout: ONEOK Field

Favorite movie: “The Godfather” trilogy

Favorite book: After the Bible, it is “11/22/63” by Stephen King

Favorite quote: “Showing up is half the battle,” – Others have said those words, but I had not heard them until Scott Cherry gave me that advice when I was hired by The Tulsa Tribune in 1983. It was my first job after graduating from the University of Tulsa and Scott was the assistant sports editor. I have tried to pass that on whenever young journalists ask me for advice.