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A transportation matter

A transportation matter

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R. Henry Migliore (Letters, Feb. 6) favors the installation of a light rail system that would connect Tulsa with points in the state's northeast corner.

Migliore assumes that enough people would be willing to ride on it to justify its cost. I don't know why. Look at Tulsa's experience with Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority buses. They're 75 percent empty 90 percent of the time -- and require federal subsidies to keep running.

What's needed is a system that gives people the convenience they want and that burns much less fuel than cars on the road. The only answer would be to increase the federally mandated fuel economy required of automobiles, which would be easily met if more used hybrid engines -- which would run as well on ethanol/gasoline blends as do standard engines. These cars use off-the-shelf technology and will allow that mandate to increase some 30 to 50 percent over present standards.

Another fuel matter that needs more attention is the production of oil from bio-waste. "Oil From Anything" in the May 2003 Discover Magazine details a process that inventors claim will produce ordinary petroleum from anything that contains carbon -- with the exceptions of spent nuclear reactor control rods and carbon-alloy metals. That means literally billions of tons of the nation's trash that's now being buried could be processed to produce large amounts of oil.

Joseph H. Garrett, Broken Arrow

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