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Support Groups

Support Groups

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The support group listing runs on an occaÍ sional, space-available basis in the Sunday LivÍ ing Section. In between publications, please call Helpline at 583-4357 for referral information. If your group is no longer in existence or informaÍ tion has changed, please contact Rusty Lang at 581-8343. ²Support Groups Parenting

Adoption Support Group, for birth mothers who are relinquishing or have relinquished babies for adoption, 254-0189.

Adoption Triad of Oklahoma, for adoptives, birthparents and adoptive parents contemplatÍ ing a search, 646-6179.

After Baby Comes, for mothers of infants and small children, 747-4393/438-7978.

AJAO - Parent Educational Group, Arthritis Foundation, 743-4526.

Attachment Network, 587-5616.

Bridges to Motherhood, for single pregnant women and those with babies, 743-5400.

Caesarean Awareness Network of Greater Tulsa, 299-3923/459-0051.

Cerebral Palsy Parent/Grandparent Group, 599-0000.

C.H.A.D.D. of Green Country, for parents of children (and adults) with attention deficit disorder, 298-CHAD.

Child Care Resource Center, information and referrals to licensed child care, 587-2273.

Confident Kids, 6-12, 494-0550.

Cornerstone, home schooling, 455-5968.

Ebony and Ivory, an interracial parents support group, 749-4600.

Effective Biblical Parenting, 496-9144.

Effective Black Parenting, 425-0588.

Family workshop for Healthy Living Styles. 745-2525.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Effects Parent Support Group, 592-0695.

First Steps, designed to develop healthy families and to reduce the risk of neglect and child abuse, 579-7505.

Genetics clinic, 582-7225.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, 272-6444.

Green Country International Adoptions, 749-4600.

Keys to Motherhood, for single pregnant women and single mothers with infants to preschool aged children, 258-6363.

La Leche League, mothering and breastfeeding, daytime 252-7232/481-0954/446-6761 and evenings 252-9897/250-7231 (Tulsa); 455-6885 (Broken ArÍ row).

Men in Transition, 747-6800.

Non-Custodial Parents Want Equal Rights, 1-800-918-5559.

OB GYN family planning, 582-7225.

Oklahoma Adoption Support Association, 455-7771.

Parenting Skills class, 663-6057/582-7225.

Parents Anonymous, 599-7999.

Parent Child Center of Tulsa, 599-7999.

Parents for Parents, 744-0123.

Parents group using Tough Love, 587-LOVE.

Parents' Guide to Divorce, 743-3540/585-9567.

Parents in Step-Families, 299-0401.

Parents of Adolescents, 582-0061/582-7225.

Parents of Hearing Impaired Children, 832-8742.

Parents of Murdered Children and Survivors of Violent Crimes, 743-4451.

Parents United, for parents of children who have been sexually abused, 663-5015.

Parents in Touch, for families of children who have problems with attention spans, communiÍ cations, behavior, social adjustment or emoÍ tions, 585-3043.

Phoenix Group (AIDS) 584-6460.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss of Northeastern Oklahoma, 371-4460/451-0699.

Promoting Adolescent Growth: Group for Parents of Adolescents Ages 12-18, 493-8040.

Restoration Outreach Parents Encouragement (ROPE), a Christian group for parents of children in the gay lifestyle, 252-4844/366- 7718/744-0437.

Safe Home Program, providing temporary child placement with Indian families, 592-0695.

Security Assistance, 584-2431.

Separated and Depressed (SAD), 834-1458.

Sooner Start Parent Group, 835-8691.

Step-Parenting, 587-3888.

Sisters Christian Fellowship, for single mothers, 234-1337.

Subsequent Pregnancy Group, for expectant mothers who have experienced loss, 371-44600699.

Tough Love, 587-LOVE.

Tulsa Adoptive Parents, 251-9068/455-0500.

Tulsa Area Mothers of Twins, 455-2708.

Tulsa Mothers of Multiples, 299-7228/627-8650.

Women, infants and children's nutritional counÍ seling, 582-7225.

YWCA Pregnancy to Fitness, 749-2519.

Social Concerns

Abused by Religion, 492-3210/425-9378.

Adolescent Support Group, 493-8040.

Adult children of dysfunctional families, 587-3888.

Adult Survivors of Abuse, talk group, 743-5211.

A Few Good Men, for husbands of abuse victims (and other men's issues), 742-2525.

After the Flowers Are Gone, grief recovery for those who are widowed, 492-1771/627-0935.

Alliance for the Mentally Ill, 582-8264.

Anxiety group, 836-7999.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Tulsa, 663-0257.

Arts and Crafts Group for Bereaved Women, 587-7000.

Association for Children for the Enforcement of Support, 560-0754.

Beginning Again, after divorce/separation felÍ lowship group, 492-1771.

Caregivers Support Group, 579-7380.

Caregivers of Mentally Ill, 587-9481.

Chains or Change, for dysfunctional families, 496-3926.

Coalition for Family Justice, for families falsely accused of child abuse, 266-7040.

Co-dependence class, 663-0202.

Co-dependents Anonymous (CODA), sharing and recovering, 665-0351/250-1966.

Co-Dependents Anonymous, 492-6891.

Co-dependency, 272-7471.

Co-dependency support group, 492-3210.

Community Assistance Program, counseling asÍ sistance and referral, 495-3883.

Compassionate Friends, Tulsa Chapter, for beÍ reaved parents, 481-2181.

Concerned citizens for prisons, 369-1061.

Connecting and Healing the Shame class, 663-6057.

Couples Communication, 493-8040.

Couple Communication Skills, 745-0095.

Couples in Group Therapy, 742-8899.

Couples' Group, communication, intimacy and equality in relationships, 622-8199.

Courtwatch, 494-9639.

Crossties Lay CareGiver Group, 272-2294.

Cult Awareness Group, 496-8911.

Daytime Widowed Persons Service, 836-5024/587- 5887.

Debtors Anonymous, 742-8377.

Dignity/Integrity of Tulsa Inc., Christian group for gay and lesbian Catholics, Episcopalians and their friends, P.O. Box 1271, Tulsa OK 74101.

Divorce Adjustment, 663-3000/266-1931.

DivorceCare, 258-4575.

Divorce group for women, 587-3888.

Domestic Violence Intervention Services groups for men and women, 585-3163.

DVIS' Male Batterers, 584-0096.

Eating Disorder and/or Sexual Abuse Group, 560-5792.

Emotions Anonymous, 834-7424, 749-3961, 749-0033, 266-5578.

Extension, group activities for mental health clients, 585-1213.

Families and Friends of Prisoners, 587-0685.

Families in Touch, for families of the mentally ill, 585-1213.

Friends and Family of Rape Victims, 744-7273.

Gamblers' Anonymous, 669-6999.

Garnett Divorce Group, 486-4457/266-1931.

Golden Fellowship, for those who are retired and those who wish they were, 749-9971.

Grief Group, Hospice of Green Country, 747-2273.

Grief/Bereavement, 627-0326.

Grief Group, 587-7000/838-7717.

Grief Recovery (Owasso), Sponsored by St. John Hospice, 582-5536.

Grief Recovery, 584-4701/743-9974.

Grief Support Group, 494-6465.

Grief Workshop for Children, 494-6465.

H.E.A.R.T. (Help End Abuse Relationship TenÍ dencies, 834-4994.

Healing for Damaged Emotions, 493-8040.

Healing the Inner Child, 663-6057.

Helping ADDults in Tulsa, 622-1370.

Homosexuals Anonymous, Tulsa Alpha Chapter, 299-3113.

Hope for Hurting Women, 493-8040.

Hospice of Green Country Bereavement Groups, 627-0326.

Indian Women, 582-7225.

Job Seekers Group, 582-7555

Job Support Center, 742-8700.

Journey of Hope, for families who have a mentally ill family member, 747-1304/492-1771/587-9481, ext. 260.

Kairos Samaritan Counseling Center, 747-6800.

Kids Are Winners, for children dealing with life's challenges, for ages 6-11, 747-6800.

Lifeskills, 745-0095.

Living After Breast Cancer, 664-9577.

Living Solutions, Christian counseling, 494-0550.

Living With Schizophrenia, 585-1213.

Love That Body, for mothers and pre-teens, 745-0095.

Married Couples, 835-2551.

Men Living With HIV/AIDS, 743-1000.

Mental health group, 250-7221

Men's Group, 493-8040.

Morning Encouragement, for people with depresÍ sion and anxiety, 646-7215

Motherless Daughters, 492-3210.

National Center for Men, 428-3692.

NEATS, for older people who have no family, 743-1303.

New Beginnings, Adaption to Adoption, 481-4884.

New Beginnings, consumer advocacy group for mental patients, 585-9258/582-9518.

New Creation, for those who have suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse, 745-0095.

Obsessive Compulsive Group, 491-8110.

Overcoming Overeating, 745-0095

Overeaters Anonymous, 744-7611.

Panic and Agoraphobia Group, 491-8110.

Panic and Anxiety, 836-7999.

P-FLAG, for parents and friends of lesbians and gays, 749-4901.

Phobia Society of Tulsa, 663-0257.

Pointman Ministries for Vietnam Veterans, 747-0909.

Rap Group and Caring and Coping Partners of Vietnam Veterans, 581-7105.

Rape Victims, 744-7273.

Rebuilders: for people going through marital separation or divorce, 455-5020.

Rebuilding Blocks, for those going through mariÍ tal separation or divorce, 492-1771.

Recovery Inc. group, for nervous people, 747-5103.

Religion Group, 492-3210.

RRR-Religion Recovery Roundtable, 492-3210.

Search for Significance, 493-8040.

Self-Esteem Group, 587-3888.

Sex Addicts Anonymous, The Freedom Group, P.O. Box 54664, Tulsa, OK 74155/ 748-5625.

Sexaholics Anonymous, 836-4750.

Sexual Abuse Survivors, 493-8040.

Sexual Abuse Survivors, 492-3210.

Sexual Assault Educational Group, 744-7362.

Share n' Care Widowed group, 660-0006.

Spiritual Health, 492-3210.

Survivors, for loved ones of suicide victims, 585-1213.

Survivors of Divorce, for men and women, 747-1647.

Tulsa Tall Club, for women 5'10'' and taller and men 6'2'' and taller, 744-6262.

Victims Group, robbery, burglary or assault, 491-8162.

Westside Group for Widows and Widowers, 446-8279.

Widowed Persons Service and Support Group, 660-0006.

WINGS, incest group for men, 747-1182.

WINGS Women's Incest Survivors, 428-2879/747- 1182.

Wise Woman Support Group, 834-4994.

Women in Group Process, 742-8899.

Women Living With HIV/AIDS, 743-1000.

Women's Group, empowerment and self-esteem, 622-8199.

Viet Nam Veterans of America, 665-3139.

Widows and Widowers Care and Share Group, 747-8601.

Women and Self-Esteem, 836-7999.

Women's Divorce Group, 587-3888.

Women's Support Group for Victims of Physical, Sexual, Mental or Emotional Abuse, 749-4422.

Alcohol/Substance Abuse

Adult Children of Alcoholics, 748-5551.

Adult Children of Alcoholics, Christian 12-step recovery group, Broken Arrow, 357-3302.

Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families, 587-3888.

Aftercare Treatment Addressing Issues of AddicÍ tion, 592-0695.

Al-Anon, friends and family of alcoholics, 627-9114.

Alcoholics Anonymous, 627-2224.

Alcohloics for Christ, 836-9569.

Better Choices for Adult Children Al-Anon, 627-9114.

Christian study group for the chemically depenÍ dent, 446-4980/251-4506.

Christians in Recovery, 241-3803.

Co-Anon Family Group, Freedom Chapter, 660-8665.

Cocaine Anonymous, 660-8665.

Co-dependency class, 663-6057.

Couples in Recovery, for 12-step couples, 835-2551.

Courage to Change, adult children of alcoholics, Al-Anon group, 627-9114.

Drug/Alcohol Dependency, 663-6057.

DVIS Women for Safety and Sobriety, 251-2933.

Family Group, sponsored by Indian Health Care, 592-0695.

Fetal alcohol syndrome prevention/counseling and education, 592-0695.

For Women Only: Cancer Group, 496-5170.

H.O.W. Foundation Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, 252-5739.

How to Cope, with a dependent person, 749-6476.

Moderation Management, 663-4554.

Narcotics Anonymous, 747-0017.

Nicotine Anonymous, 622-3149.

Nurses Support Group, (405) 525-2277, 481-4000.

Overcomers Outreach, bridging the gap between 12-step programs and the church, 747-6912. Palmer Drug Abuse Programs, 832-7763.

Recovering Parents, whose children are in recovÍ ery programs, 252-9897.

Relapse Prvention Group, 663-5183/663-6057.

Shame Group: Stage II Recovery for Adult Children, 663-6057.

Skiatook Adult Children of Alcoholics, 396-3275.

Students Against Drugs and Alcohol, 481-6089/1- 800-522-8031.

Teen awareness group promoting chemicalfree fun for adolescents, 592-0695.

The Family in Focus, awareness program, 749-6476.

Tulsa Area Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, 749-6476.

12-Step Bible Study, 836-7503/664-9357. pu,groups Health

pu,agate cc,12p4

Adult Diabetic Group, 455-8674.

AIDS Coalition of Tulsa, 585-2772.

AIDS counseling and testing, 582-7225.

AIDS Support Group, S.A.F.E.(Serving AIDS-ImÍ pacted Families with Endurance), 459-0635, 488-3280.

AJAO - Parent Educational Group, for the parents of children with arthritis, 743-4526.

ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), 357-1451/250-5555.

Alzheimers' Association, 481-7741.

American Diabetes Association, 492-4047.

Amputee Group Support, 744-0123.

Arachnoiditis Support Network, 663-8456.

Arthritis Day Group, 627-7805.

Arthritis group, Broken Arrow, 258-3356/251- 3062/455-1114.

Arthritis group, St. Francis Hospital, 494-5463.

Arthritis group, Sapulpa, 227-0820.

Asbury Cancer Support Group, 299-4975.

Autism group, 663-2506.

Being Aware, rap group for people with HIV/Aids, 298-4622.

Breast Cancer and Recurrence Group, 664-9577.

Broken Arrow Alzheimers' Group, 259-8377.

Broken Arrow Arthritis Group, 251-5311, ext. 377.

Cancer group, 299-4975.

Cancer Treatment of Tulsa Group, 496-5710.

Cerebral Palsy, Tulsa, 599-0000.

Chrohn's and Colitis Foundation, 748-8540.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 451-2259/742-8748.

Circle of Friends, for families and friends who have children with cancer, 494-2525.

Cleft Palate Education Group for Parents and Families, 494-1474.

Coping With Chronic Depression, 492-3210.

CPR, Citizen's CPR group, 664-3622.

Cross Disabilities Group, skills to live an indepenÍ dent life, 592-1235.

Cystic Fibrosis group, 258-9038/496-8550.

Diabetes group, 582-7225.

Disability group, 584-8607.

Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa, 748-5656.

Eastern Oklahoma Arthritis Foundation, 743-4526.

ENCORE, for breast cancer patients, 628-1030.

EHGO, allergies to perfume, chemicals, etc., 749-1972/749-1441.

Families of Children With Diabetes, 455-4848.

Families in Touch, for families dealing with mental illness, 585-1213.

Fibromyalgia Support and Network, 663-8456.

Coping with the Gluten Free Diet, 488-3675.

Grave's Disease Group, 224-3952.

Group for parents with children who have insulin- dependent diabetes, 664-6600.

Healing Hearts, for parents of children with heart disorders, 747-8254/481-5182.

Heart-to-Heart, for spouses of cardiac patients, 584-8607.

Heart Transplant Group of Tulsa, for transplant recipients and their families, 835-8332.

Hemangioma Hope, 252-9002.

Hereditary Ataxia, 747-2090.

Herpes Group, 587-1101.

Huntington's Disease Society of America, OklahoÍ ma Affiliate group, 492-4882.

Informed Childbirth, Caesarean Prevention and Midwifery Referral, 445-4662.

Interfaith AIDS Ministries, 438-AIDS.

Journey of Hope, Caregivers of Mentally Ill, 587-9481.

Juvenile Arthritis Parent Educational Group, 743-4526.

Kidney Transplant and Dialysis Patients Group, 245-0089.

Liver Transplant Support Group, 835-0173.

Living With Cancer, 744-0123.

Living Without Limits (Cancer survivors) 747-5341. Lithium group, also for those with bipolar, manic-depressive disorders, 258-2533.

Lupus Group, 749-4444.

Magic Foundation (Growth Hormone) group, 583-1235.

A Moment for Myself Breast Cancer Group, 744-0123.

Mended Hearts, for those who have had openheart surgery and other heart disease patients and families, 742-1974.

MultiCultural AIDS Coalition of Tulsa, 585-2772.

Multiple Personality Disorder Grou, 493-8040.

Multiple Sclerosis group, 494-2999.

Multiple Sclerosis Society, Oklahoma Chapter, 488-0882/1-800-777-7814.

Multiple Sclerosis Newly Diagnosed, 663-3964.

Multiple Sclerosis Day Group, 622-4959.

Multiple Sclerosis Night Group, 494-2999.

Multiple Sclerosis Caregivers/Supporters Group, 743-7740.

Multiple Sclerosis, Broken Arrow, 455-7849/357- 2607.

Muscular Dystrophy Association, 749-7997.

Mustard Seed, for those who have had or been diagnosed with cancer, 492-4953.

Myasthenia Gravis Foundation, 494-4951.

National Ataxia Foundation, 747-2090.

National Federation of the Blind, Tulsa Chapter, 663-0384.

New Voice Club, for people who have had laryngectomey operations, 631-2504.

Northeast Oklahoma Post Polio Support Group, 744-5595.

Oklahoma AIDS Information Line, 1-800-522-9054.

Oklahoma Lupus Foundation, Tulsa Chapter, 258-4138/250-6379.

Oklahomans United in Chronic Pain, 663-7932/628- 1631.

Pain Tamers Support Network, 663-8456.

Parents of Asthmatics, 254-6635/481-8103.

Parents of Children With Diabetes, Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church, 494-7088.

Parkinson's Day Group, for all ages and caregivÍ ers, 747-3747.

Parkinson's Disease group for newly diagnosed and employed people, 747-3747.

Patients and Families Living With Cancer, 744-0123.

Pituitary Tumor Network, 583-1235.

Project Get Together's Diabetes Group, 835-2910.

Post-Partum Depression, 865-7824/663-5588.

Reflex Sympathetic Dysfunction Syndrome AssoÍ ciation, 663-8456/592-2150.

Reiters Syndrome, 367-3668.

Renal dialysis group, 494-1145.

Resolve of Tulsa, an infertility group, 621-5250.

St. John Cancer Group, 744-0123.

Second Wind Club, for those with breathing and/or heart problems, 747-3441/584-1351/744- 5595.

Self Help for the Hard of Hearing, 832-8742.

Shanti of Tulsa Inc., for persons with positive HIV antibody, ARC or AIDS, 749-7898.

Sherwood Manor Nursing/Convalescent Center Alzheimer's Group, 446-4284.

SHHH (Self-help for the Hard of Hearing), 663-9920.

Sickle Cell Anemia, 428-1974.

Sjogrens Support Group, 744-5595>

Spinal Cord Injury Group, 455-3535, ext. 2300/665- 7874.

Spiritual Cancer group, 749-7718/747-8601.

Standing Together, for couples in the AIDS crisis, 743-2917.

Stroke Survivors, 744-5595.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), 234- 5124/254-5944/234-4113.

TMJ Implants Group, 254-2527.

The Tulsa Chapter of the American Liver FoundaÍ tion, 251-2409.

Tulsa Chapter Oklahoma Head Injury FoundaÍ tion, 451-5165.

Total Allergy Syndrome Support Group, 835-3598.

Tourette Syndrome, 298-6820.

Tulsa Area United Methodist Ministry With Deaf, 583-5181/742-1970.

Tulsa Chapter of United Ostomy Association, 664-9577.

Tulsa Day Group, for those with arthritis, 627-7805.

Tulsa Tourette Chapter, 252-3227/745-2367.

Us Too, for men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, 744-2300/744-0123.

VISTA, group for the visually impaired, 747-4422.

Women in Need of Support with Arthritis, 251- 3062/455-2113.

Y-Me of Northeastern Oklahoma, for breast cancer information and support, 481-4839.

Young Adults with Diabetes, 494-1525.

Young Women with Arthritis, 743-4526.

pu,groups Weight/Eating Disorders

pu,agatecc,12p4 Anorexia-bulimia support group, 492-2385.

Families With Eating Disorders, 492-2385.

Herbalife Weight Loss Support Group, 742-7423.

Overeaters Anonymous, 744-7611.

Psycho Education Group, for people with eating disorders, 743-2123.

Resonance Eating Disorders Group, 587-3888.

TOPS #295, 627-0720/838-1179; #477, Bixby. 366- 4841/369-5562.

Tulsa Regional Medical Center's Eating DisÍ orders Group, 599-7778.

24-Hour Holiday Hot-Line, for those with eating disorders, 599-5755.

Weight Watchers, (800) 522-9077.

Singles Groups/Clubs Activities Unlimited, 455-7923.

Asbury's ``Sam'' Groups, 492-1771.

By Design, 299-3593.

Catholic Alumni Club of Tulsa, 749-9877.

Christ United Methodist (Phoenix) Singles Group, 742-6033.

Christian Singles Group, 628-1921.

Divorced, Separated, Widowed Group, 266- 4463/663-2337.

Fellowship of Christian Adult Singles, 749-9971.

First United Methodist Church (BA) Singles Group, 258-1505.

F.O.C.A.S. (Fellowship Of Christian Adult SinÍ gles) on Saturdays, 749-9971.

Friday night singles' dance, 838-8026.

Northeast Oklahoma Singles Square Dancing Clubs, 492-2712.

Over 40 Singles Friendship Club, 455-5528/258- 6481/835-9674.

Oz Singles, 299-5462.

Parents Without Partners orientation, 428-2799.

Prime Time Singles, 493-1700.

Single Adult Ministries, 749-9971.

Single Parents, 838-7140.

Singles Available for Community Service, 581-6094.

Single Friends, 627-4790.

Singles in Agriculture, Oklahoma Chapter, 745-9194.

Singles Living and Lifestyle Workshop, 495- 1441/299-7211.

Single Mingle, 834-5102.

Sonshine Singles, 251-5841/622-6036.

Speaking Singles Toastmasters, 252-0718.

Single Adults Beginning Again, 492-1771

Singles Spirit, 587-1571.

Super Seniors Group, 587-3888.

The Sojourners Class, 582-8237.

Top Of The Hill Senior Singles, 664-1881.

T-Town Ramblers, 663-7745/366-6449.

Tulsa Tip Toppers, 251-4598. Send information to Support Groups, Tulsa World, P.O. Box 1770, Tulsa, OK 74102. For informaÍ tion referral on support groups or criÍ sis intervention, call Helpline, 583-4357.


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