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Dieting not worth all the work

Dieting not worth all the work

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All but something like 35 of us need to lose a few

pounds or more.

And around 30 of the 35 who don't need to lose anything

are too skinny.

Five Americans are about right.

People who diet themselves into an extremely thin

condition must think that when they parade around a theater

lobby or a restaurant in a sun dress, everybody looking at

them is thinking, "Would you look at her figure. Isn't she


Here is what somebody 10 over actually thinks of

somebody 10 under: "You're not fooling anybody. We know how

crazy staying that thin makes a person."

I have been around the town socially with a few women

who were very thin by design.

There were similarities.

Each thought she was eating far more food than was

actually the case.

You might hear that "I've been stuffing myself all day,"

and find out that this means six crackers, lettuce and 1

square inch of cheese. Whereas to another, stuffing oneself

might mean a chili cheeseburger, rings and some chocolate

ice box pie. I didn't know what stuffing meant to a very

fashionably thin person until I was around one all day and

then heard her tell somebody that she had stuffed herself

all afternoon. I had the knowledge in this instance that

she had eaten some radishes, some cottage cheese and a

natural grain bar and 10 or 12 glasses of water.

Mealtime is not always its usual cheery occasion when

one person wishes to be extremely thin and one hopes to be


It can be breathtaking to see, and pay for, what is

filling to somebody who is skinny and determined to stay

that way.

Once I took to a respected restaurant a woman who

ordered the lamb done in a special way and then ate three

or four bites and said that it was wonderful and that she

was full. The lamb done in an ordinary way can sometimes

result in a brutal check. The lamb done in a magical way?

You can be looking at $70 worth of food still there on her

plate after she said she was finished.

Nobody wants to impose personal views on another. But on

this particular evening, I was at the point of almost

asking this woman to please just enjoy half of another


She said that what she would do was take home in a bag

what remained of the lamb after she had eaten herself woozy

with the three chews. But I had no confidence at this point

that the lamb would elude her dog, and so I ate the rest of

it right on the spot.

And for desert: pie crumbs, $20.

Maybe tomorrow: Here is the way I am looking at the

eight pounds I am fixing to lose: The start of a diet is


Monday -- Terrible day to try to quit anything. Too much

pressure. One of a million smokers probably gave up the

habit on Monday. Such a depressing day.

Tuesday -- Not a bad day to give up gambling, because all

the horse race tracks are closed. Terrible day to start a


Wednesday -- Can't focus on anything mid-week, too much

else on your mind.

Thursday -- Too close to the weekend.

Friday -- Time to celebrate.

Saturday -- Person can't exercise and then watch sports on

television on an empty stomach.

Sunday -- Here.

Because a person could use help stopping just about



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