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Charges allege teen kidnapped, tortured

Charges allege teen kidnapped, tortured

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Three people were charged Thursday in a Tulsa County kidnapping in which the victim reportedly was held for six days and repeatedly tortured.

Gordon Todd Skinner, Krystle Ann Cole Skinner and William Ernest Hauck were charged with kidnapping a Broken Arrow teenager during the Fourth of July weekend at the Doubletree Hotel Downtown, 616 W. Seventh St.

Police allege that the victim, 18, was held captive in the hotel, where he was tortured with beatings and chemical injections.

Gordon Skinner, Krystle Skinner and Hauck took the victim from the Doubletree around July 7 to a hotel in the Houston area, where he was tortured further, police allege.

The teen, broken, bloody and dehydrated, was found July 11 in a field in Texas City, Texas. Police picked him up and took him to a hospital.

Gordon Skinner was charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Hauck and Krystle Skinner were charged with kidnapping and conspiracy.

A police affidavit indicates that the teen was also sexually assaulted, but charges regarding those allegations have not been filed.

Gordon Skinner is jailed in Reno, Nev., on federal drug-trafficking charges. He was in the state to attend Burning Man, a counterculture festival that takes place each Labor Day weekend.

Skinner, who grew up in Tulsa, reportedly is a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration informant who intended to set up a large LSD lab inside a former Atlas-E ballistic missile silo that he once owned near Wamego, Kan.

Federal agents raided the lab in November 2000, and Skinner, now 39, testified for the government against two chemists, William Pickard and Clyde Apperson.

Apperson and Pickard were found guilty of drug offenses in March, records for the U.S. District Court in Topeka, Kan., indicate. They have asked for a new trial, records show.

Krystle Skinner, a University of Tulsa student, is the victim's former girlfriend. She married Skinner around June.

The victim met the couple at a rave party when he was a high school student and dated Krystle Skinner while she and Gordon Skinner had temporarily broken up, the victim said.

He admitted that on the night he was taken prisoner, he willingly took a psychedelic drug called "the Eucharist," a communion wafer laced with chemicals extracted from psilocybin mushrooms.

The next thing he can recall is waking up on the bathroom floor of a hotel suite, with his wrists bound, his mouth gagged and his pants down around his ankles, he said.

Tulsa Police Cpl. Gene Watkins said Hauck, an Oklahoma City truck driver, is in Arkansas and is expected to turn himself in. Hauck has been cooperating with police, he said.

Krystle Skinner may be in Reno, he said.

An affidavit by Watkins says that Hauck told police that Skinner was angry that the victim had slept with his wife and that Skinner wanted to get even with him.

Police allege that Skinner injected the victim's penis with chemicals that Skinner thought would cause it to become gangrenous and fall off, the affidavit shows.

Medical records from the Mainland Medical Center in Texas City released to the Tulsa World by the victim detail needle marks on his right arm, left hand, left foot and genitals.

His body was also covered with a rash, which the records state may have been a reaction to the injected drugs.

Skinner is accused of injecting the victim with drugs that would cloud his memory and cause police to disbelieve the victim's story.

Police also accuse Skinner of injecting the teen with a chemical that made him convulse repeatedly, the affidavit shows.

The victim has been in hiding since his release from a Texas hospital.

He told the Tulsa World that he only recently regained the ability to eat solid foods and that he was confined to a wheelchair for two weeks after his hospital stay.

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