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COVID-19 has become our common public enemy.
It is relentless; first wearing us down, then preying on the very
exhaustion it creates in us.
Vaccines are coming, but they’ll be a while. A while we don’t have.
Every day, we as business leaders of Tulsa and surrounding
communities, listen to our employees and our neighbors. We hear
you. We are part of you. We are all citizens of our community,
and at the same time, we are the workforce who makes our
communities succeed. Your stories are our community story.
To our Health Care Professionals and Health Departments:
Recently we have heard your increasing appeals to do more and
to do our part. You are pleading with us to help you in your fight
against this virus. You are saving our families. We thank you; we
stand with you, and we are doing more.
To our Educators and Child Care Providers: We understand
you are navigating the impossible waters of choosing between
our children’s safety and their learning. Believe us, we understand
situations where there is no single right answer, and the weight of
those decisions seem unbearable. We have your back and want
you to know, we stand with you, and we are doing more.
To our Political Leaders and Elected Officials: We have seen
you make difficult decisions regarding face coverings, group
assemblies, distancing; openings and closures; quarantines and
stay-at-home orders. You are our citizens, too. And we know you
are constantly searching for the right course under intolerable
pressure. No matter your party or policy; on this most important
issue, we stand with you, and we are doing more.
Mostly what we want all of you to know is this: we, and an
increasing number of local businesses, are responding. We may
represent diverse industries and workplaces, but our singular
commitment is to provide the safest possible environment for
everyone. We also want you to know…… we’re not waiting. We’re
not waiting for an executive order, we’re not waiting for a vaccine,
and we’re not waiting until our healthcare professionals are
completely overwhelmed. As leaders our job is to listen, anticipate,
adapt, and create solutions. We are acting and we aren’t waiting.
We are requiring face coverings where possible, providing
sanitizing stations, cleaning common areas many times a day,
temperature monitoring, providing frequent breaks for personal
hygiene, limiting meetings and travel, and restricting opportunities
for close contact by workplace reorganization. We are providing
PPE for all employees and updating staff on all new CDC
Guidelines. We are including COVID topics in our regular safety
training and navigating remote work challenges. We are selfquarantining and contact tracing. And though we are responding
in individually different ways; we are all totally united in doing our
part… and more.
So, for our Elected Officials, for our Educators, for our Health Care
workers, and for all of you…. from all of us: we are joined with you
to do our part in defeating this mortal enemy.
Paid for by concerned businesses of Tulsa