WANTED ANTED 33 27 PEOPLE To Try a Revolutionary hearing instrument evolutionary new he 27 PEOPLE WANTED IN THE TULSA AREA WHO HAVE DIFFICULTY 33 HEARING - Especially in noisy situations to evaluate a never before available hearing device, totally FREE. CANDIDATES WILL BE SELECTED: November 19th to November 25th We have a select number of candidates that can participate. DO NOT HESITATE! We have a LIMITED number of instruments. Call to see if you are a candidate for this once in a lifetime program. The Scholl Center will perform a comprehensive hearing screening at NO Charge for qualified callers to determine if you are a candidate for the program. If selected, you will be asked to evaluate the latest revolutionary hearing aids for 7 days FREE. Thanks to their participation, participants that wish to purchase the instruments may do so at Tremendous Savings. Your potential reward... As a trial participant, in addition to receiving Tremendous Savings on these hearing instruments, with purchase you will receive either a FREE Echo Dot or a $50 VISA Gift Card (your choice). These reward offers end 12/4/20. Try the hearing aid that provides an unrivaled hearing experience. All Free Trials he rials begin with a FREE hearing evaluation. Call Today!  Crisp natural sound  Brilliant speech understanding  Hear ar comfor comfortably tably in challenging environments  Detect falls and automatically aler tically alert loved ones  Track body and brain health alth  Rechargeable IT’S VIRTU TUALL ALLY UNNOTICEABLE TICEABLE WHEN WORN! ORN! TULSA: 3105 S. Harvard Avenue Call 918-710-3022