GET THE NETWORK THAT WORKS AS HARD AS YOU DO Our Lifeline Calling Plans bring discounted wireless service to participants in certain government-assisted programs. Visit or call 1-800-447-1339 for more information. Plans sstarting tarting at 3425 $ before before Lifeline Lifeline discount. discount. Things we want you to know: Lifeline is a federal government benefit program and only qualified persons may participate. Lifeline service may not be transferred to any other individual. Applicants must present documentation of household income or participation in qualifying programs. Lifeline is only available for one phone line per household, whether landline or wireless. The Lifeline Calling Plan/Lifeline discounts are only available to residents in states where U.S. CellularĀ® is an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC). Eligibility to receive Lifeline discounts will be verified annually. Lifeline Calling Plans support all of the federal universal services provided for in 47CFR Sec. 54.101. Additional terms and conditions apply. See store or for details. Ā©2020 U.S. Cellular