Melanoma survivor has a new perspective on prevention. With a family history of melanoma and previous treatments for other types of skin cancer, Cathi thought she was doing all she could to prevent it, including annual dermatology checkups. “About two years ago, I had a spot on my left cheek removed,” she said. “A year later, it was back.” The flat, beige, relatively harmless-looking spot turned out to be malignant melanoma. Surprised and scared, Cathi went to see Dr. Johnathan Ledet, a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon at Warren Clinic. Fortunately, the cancer was detected early enough, and Dr. Ledet was able to remove it before it spread. Dr. Ledet and his team went out of their way to help her in every way—physically and emotionally—and the experience made her even more vigilant about caring for her health. “It’s so important to see a dermatologist each year for a full-body skin exam, to know your family history and be open and honest with your doctor,” said Cathi. “Now I wear sunscreen all the time, not just when I spend time outdoors.” JUNE IS NATIONAL CANCER SURVIVORS MONTH Cathi SKIN CANCER SURVIVOR SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL | THE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL AT SAINT FRANCIS | WARREN CLINIC | HEART HOSPITAL AT SAINT FRANCIS | SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL SOUTH | LAUREATE PSYCHIATRIC CLINIC AND HOSPITAL SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL MUSKOGEE | SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL VINITA | SAINT FRANCIS CANCER CENTER | SAINT FRANCIS HOME CARE COMPANIES | SAINT FRANCIS GLENPOOL