given in service. living to serve. ”O U R L I F E S P R E A D S L I G H T WHEN IT IS THE SECRET OF JOY IS “ – Pope Francis Commemorating National Volunteer Week | April 18 – 24 To the 600-plus women and men who volunteer their service to Saint Francis Health System: We miss you. We eagerly await the day when we can safely welcome you back—to greet visitors, comfort patients, help staff and most importantly, advance our mission to extend the presence and healing ministry of Christ in all we do. Until that day, we thank you for your patience and grace, and pray that God blesses you for your compassion. SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL | THE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL AT SAINT FRANCIS | WARREN CLINIC | HEART HOSPITAL AT SAINT FRANCIS | SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL SOUTH | LAUREATE PSYCHIATRIC CLINIC AND HOSPITAL SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL MUSKOGEE | SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL VINITA | SAINT FRANCIS BROKEN ARROW | SAINT FRANCIS CANCER CENTER | SAINT FRANCIS HOME CARE COMPANIES | SAINT FRANCIS GLENPOOL