Details for OU MEDICINE, INC


You call
us heroes.
But Blue Cross Blue Shield
is undervaluing our role in
Oklahoma healthcare.

For our state to be healthier, Oklahomans need access to world-class, research-driven
healthcare. Blue Cross Blue Shield is undervaluing OU Health Physicians – the
state’s most specialized group of research physicians. OU Health Physicians
provides healthcare services that Oklahomans can’t get anywhere else. By refusing
to value OU Health Physicians in line with the nation’s other multi-specialty,
research-driven physician groups, BCBS is doing active harm to our state and its
future health.
As big insurance continues to make record profits, they have not passed on their
earnings to your Oklahoma-based healthcare providers or to you in rate reductions.
Even with record profits, BCBS is unwilling to invest in providers bringing the most
advanced treatments to improve the health of Oklahomans.
OU Health Physicians is asking BCBS to value that the pathway to a healthier
Oklahoma is found through the state’s largest multi-specialty, research-driven
physician group.

Get Involved For a Healthier Oklahoma
Contact BCBS Tulsa headquarters at (918) 551-3500 or toll free
at (866) 520-2507 and urge them to reach a contract resolution
with OU Health Physicians to protect your in-network access.