WANTED 43 Hearing Aid Field Trial Participants The new year brings new (and exciting) opportunities! The Scholl Center has been exclusively chosen to be one of the first practices in the area to allow the general public to try the latest remarkable hearing aid technology at no charge. These hearing aids features a revolutionary microchip that separates speech from noise and lets you focus on what’s important. We are needing 43 people to field trial these hearing devices at no charge! If you suspect you have hearing loss, or currently wear hearing aids, we strongly encourage you to come in and try these for yourself. “The World’s First Healthable Hearing Aid” Rechargeable Delivers crisp, clear sound Streams audio from iPhone & Android Translates languages Connects to TV Tracks body and brain health Try them for YOU; wear them for THEM! REWARD At the conclusion of your free field trial, if you’re impressed with these new “smart” hearing aids and choose to purchase, you will save up to 40% off *, as well as receive a $50 VISA gift card! But you must CALL NOW to get your appointment - space is limited to the first 43 people who qualify. This offer ends January 22, 2021. *off MSRP 3105 S. Harvard Avenue, TULSA (918) 720-0846  The Scholl Center Participates with all major insurance plans - call today to confirm your benefits 