WE NEED TRIAL PARTICIPANTS TO TRY AMAZING NEW TECHNOLOGY! Our smallest, high-tech device is custom crafted to fit entirely in your ear canal using computeraided design. This leading technology allows users to enjoy their lives more fully, and more comfortably. These amazing hearing instruments are aimed to provide more natural hearing ability, and reduce many of the inconveniences that are present in some other hearing devices. Plus, you won’t believe just how small they are! Plus:  Designed to improve audibility for those with poor high-frequency hearing  Provides tinnitus (ringing in the ears) relief  Automatically identifies your listening environment and selects the best hearing aid setting for that situation REWARD SAVE RECEIVE If you choose to retain the hearing aids after trying them, you will receive a $50 VISA Gift Card and save up to 40% off*! These exclusive offers end May 3rd. In the Tulsa area, you won’t find hearing aids at a better price! In addition to the hearing aids, you’ll receive no-charge followup appointments and services, as well as the expertise of our staff^. Our audiologists have helped over 3700 patients with their hearing healthcare over the years. Let us be your partner for a lifetime of better hearing! 3105 S. Harvard Avenue, Tulsa Call 918-720-0846 Dr. Karen Fernow Dr. Jennifer Chikar Dr. Stephanie Winfield Dr. Emily Lamp *off MSRP / gift card for purchased directly from the practice, details may vary based on insurance. See clinic for details. ^some restrictions apply; see clinic for details Financing Available