Details for Section 100 Sealed Bids 121st St Overlay


Published in the Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, January 14 & 21, 2022

SECTION 00100SOLICITATION AND NOTICE FOR BIDS 121ST STREET OVERLAY PROJECT Separate sealed Bids for CITY OF JENKS, 121ST STREET OVERLAY PROJECT will be received by the City of Jenks, 211 North Elm, P.O. Box 2007, Jenks, Oklahoma 74037, until 2:00pm on February 11, 2022, at which time all Bids will be stamped and noted of the time and date received. An administrative officer of the City of Jenks will commence a Bid opening meeting at 2:00pm where all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. Said construction shall be to place an overlay specific geotextile fabric and 2" asphalt overlay on 121st Street from Elm Street to Elwood Avenue. 121st Street is to remain open to traffic during the duration of this project. Traffic Control and scheduling limits of no access to connecting streets will be based on approval by City Engineer with at least 72-hour notice in advance. This project includes all associated appurtenances, labor, materials, equipment, supplies, service and related items in the specifications and as designed. Each Bid must be accompanied by a BID BOND payable to the CITY OF JENKS for Five Percent (5%) of the total amount of the Bid. As soon as the Bid prices have been compared, the CITY OF JENKS will return the BONDS of all except the three lowest responsible Bids. When the Agreement is executed, the bonds of the two remaining unsuccessful Bids will be returned. The BID BOND of the successful Bid will not be returned until the PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE AND STATUTORY PAYMENT BONDS have been executed and approved, after which it will be returned. Attorneys-in-Fact who sign BID, PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE AND STATUTORY PAYMENT BONDS must file with each Bond a certified and effective dated copy of their power of attorney. All Bid amounts must be made on the required BID form. ALL blank spaces for Bid prices must be filled in, in ink or typewritten, and BID form must be fully completed and executed when submitted. Bids carrying riders, alterations of construction time or qualifications which modify the amount of the Bid as submitted. The CITY OF JENKS may waive any informalities or minor defects or reject any and all Bids. Any Bid may be withdrawn prior to the above scheduled time for the opening of Bids or authorized postponement thereof. Any Bid received after the time and date specified shall not be considered. No Bid may be withdrawn for at least sixty (60) calendar days following the actual date of the opening thereof. Should there be reasons why the contract cannot be awarded within the specified period, the time may be extended by mutual agreement between the CITY OF JENKS and the Proposer. Proposals/Bids shall include a completed "Statement of Bidder's Qualifications", Section 00230, at the time of the Proposal/Bid Submittal. All forms are included. The entire Contract Documents and Specifications book must be submitted with bid proposal intact. Bids containing the BID form only will be rejected at time of opening. Electronic copies of complete sets of CONTRACT DOCUMENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS may be obtained from the City of Jenks at no charge. Contact Vickie Bump at (918) 556-7425 or email to obtain an electronic copy of the Contract Documents and Specifications. The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS may be reviewed at the following locations: Southwest Construction News Dodge Data & Analytics Construct Connect CITY OF JENKS BY:/s/________________________________________ CHRISTOPHER SHROUT, CITY MANAGER