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Published in the Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, October 14 & 21, 2021

IN THE DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR TULSA COUNTYSTATE OF OKLAHOMA In the Matter of the Estate of MARION KATHERINE POLLETT WILKINS, deceased. Case No. PB-2021-949 Judge COMBINED NOTICE AND ORDER OF HEARING (for Publication) By order of the District Court in and for Tulsa County, Oklahoma: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Joyce Marie Wilkins Goodrum, has filed a Petition for Summary Administration on the 30th day of September, 2021. The Court will hold a hearing on the 8th day of December, 2021, at 10:30 o'clock A.M. in Courtroom No. 701, Tulsa county Courthouse, 500 south Denver Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103. At which time the Court will consider the following: 1. Admission of the Will to probate; 2. Approval of the Petition for Summary Administration; 3. Approval of the Final Accounting; and 4. Entering a final decree determining the heirs, legatees, and devisees of the Decedent, distributing the estate to the proper individuals pursuant to the Will of the Decedent, and discharging the Petitioner as Special Administrator. The following information is provided to interested parties: 1. The Decedent is named Marion Katherine Pollett Wilkins. 2. The Decedent resided in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the time of her death. 3. The Decedent died on July 17, 2014. 4. The Decedent had a Last Will and Testament dated November 13, 2001. 5. The name and address of the person designated in the Will of the Decedent as the Co-Successor Personal Representative is the Petitioner Joyce Marie Wilkins Goodrum, 3229 North Wheeling Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110, who is the daughter of the Decedent, and who has succeeded to that position by virtue of the death of the Co-Personal Representative, Henry Patton Wilkins, and the Waiver of the primary designated Personal Representative John Pollett Wilkins. 6. The name, age, and last known addresses of the heirs, legatees, devisees, and designated personal representatives of the Decedent are as follows: Name Age/Relationship Estate of Frank Wilkins, Jr., Majority/Son Deceased (July 20, 2020) Last known address: 4220 Heins Ct. Eugene, Oregon 97402 John Pollett Wilkins Majority/Son/Designated 1265 Topeka Drive Personal Representative Saginaw, Texas 76131 Joyce Marie Wilkins Goodrum Majority/Daughter/Designated 3229 N. Wheeling Place Co-Successor Personal Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110 Representative Shirley R. Wilkins Goodlow Majority /Daughter 12 W. Apache St. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106 Anthony George Wilkins Majority/Son 232 E. 118 St. S. Jenks, Oklahoma 74037 Estate of Henry Patton Wilkins, Majority/Son/Named as Co- Deceased (January 20, 2019) Successor Personal 3908 W. 110 Pl. S. Representative Jenks, Oklahoma 74037 Rodney Wilkins Majority/Grandson/Son of 5434 N. Johnstown Ave. James Olif Wilkins, Deceased, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74126 who died on January 8, 2000. Ira Wilkins Majority/Grandson/Son of 12 W. Apache St. James Olif Wilkins, Deceased, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106 who died on January 8 2000. 7. The probable value of the estate is $37,400. ANYONE OBJECTING MAY FILE THEIR OBJECTIONS TO THE PETITION AT ANY TIME BEFORE THE ABOVE DESIGNATED HEARING, AND SHALL SEND A COPY OF THE OBJECTION TO THE PETITIONER AT THE ADDRESS APPEARING ABOVE, OR THAT PERSON WILL BE DEEMED TO HA VE WAIVED ANY OBJECTIONS TO THE PETITION. IF AN OBJECTION IS FILED BEFORE THE HEARING, THE COURT WILL DETERMINE AT THE HEARING WHETHER THE WILL ATTACHED TO THE PETITION SHALL BE ADMITTED TO PROBATE, WHETHER SUMMARY PROCEEDINGS ARE APPROPRIATE AND, IF SO, WHETHER THE ESTATE WILL BE DISTRIBUTED, AND TO WHOM THE ESTATE WILL BE DISTRIBUTED. ALL CREDITORS HAVING CLAIMS AGAINST THE DECEASED ARE REQUIRED TO PRESENT THEIR CLAIMS, WITH A DESCRIPTION OF ALL SECURITY INTERESTS AND OTHER COLLATERAL (IF ANY) HELD BY SUCH CREDITOR WITH RESPECT TO SUCH CLAIM, TO THE PETITIONER C/O KENNETH M. SMITH, 502 W. 6 St., TULSA, OKLAHOMA 74119, THE BAR DATE FOR PRESENTMENT OF CREDITOR'S CLAIMS IS THIRTY (30) DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THIS ORDER, AND IF SAID CLAIMS ARE NOT PRESENTED TO THE PETITIONER PRIOR TO THAT DATE, SAID CLAIMS WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. Dated this 4th day of October, 2021. KURT GLASSCO Judge of the District Court /s/ Joyce Marie Wilkins Goodrum Joyce Marie Wilkins Goodrum, Petitioner /s/ Kenneth M. Smith Kenneth M. Smith, OBA No. 8374 RIGGS, ABNEY, NEAL, TURPEN, ORBISON & LEWIS 502 W. 6th st. Tulsa, OK 74119-1016 Telephone: 918-587-3161 Facsimile: 918-587-9708 Email: ksmith@riggsabney.com ATTORNEYS FOR PETITIONER

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