Details for PB-20-809/HAMER


Published in the Tulsa World, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, April 7 & 14, 2021

IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR THE COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA IN THE MATTER OF ESTATE OF: 9:30 AM PB-2020-17 DWIGHT EARL TULLIS, DEC., SHARON ELIZABETH AMBERG, PERS. REP. PB-2020-281 SHIRLEY NAIL, DEC., TAMMY CROW, PERS. REP. PB-2020-413 JERRY D. FIRST, DEC., JAN NELL FIRST, PERS. REP. PB-2020-469 CAROL ANN CARTER, DEC., MAUREEN J. KNUDSON, PERS. REP. PB-2020-724 TRACY HARRIS, DEC., LATOYA HARRIS, PERS. REP. PB-2020-809 MALVERN E. HAMER, JR., DEC., TERESSA J. HAMER, PERS. REP. PB-2020-831 MARY L. HAWKINS, DEC., LEONARD HAWKINS, PERS. REP. PB-2020-845 MICHAEL E. WILLIAMS, DEC., DAVID WILLAMS AND MICHELL ROBERTS, PERS. REPS. PB-2020-870 SHIRLEY A SMIDT, DEC., SHARON L. CODNER, PERS. REP. PB-2020-944 DARROLL G. DUSTIN, DEC., MARSHA R. DUSTIN AND TODD M. DUSTIN, PERS. REPS. 10:00 AM PB-2019-989 EDWIN G. LIBBY, SR., AND VIVIAN L. LIBBY, AND EDWIN G. LIBBY, JR., AND STEVEN N. LIBBY, DEC. VICKIE LIBBY REYNOLDS, PERS. REP. PB-2020-204 BARRY ALLEN AUTRY, DEC., MELISSA AUTRY, PERS. REP. PB-2020-468 ESTHER L. DERTON-HOPPIS, DEC., DAVID TRUETT DERTON, PERS. REP PB-2020-500 CHARLOTTE MARIE BREES, DEC., DEBORAH ELLISON, PERS. REP. PB-2020-614 BARBARA A. GILES, DEC., TIMMY BOLINGER, A.K.A. TIM BOLINGER, PERS. REP. ORDER AND NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT On this 31st day of March, 2021, it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that in the above named cases the personal representatives, guardians or conservators having filed their annual reports or final reports and petitions for determination of heirship and distribution and their discharge. The Heirs, Legatees, Devisees, Wards, and all parties interested in said estate, are given notice and are hereby directed to appear in the Court Room of the District Court of Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma, 7th Floor, County Courthouse, Tulsa, on the 28th day of April, 2021, at the above listed time to show cause why said accounts should not be approved and final orders made determining heirship and decreeing distribution and closing said estates. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that notice of proceedings herein concerned be given by publication hereof as required by law for two successive weeks in the Tulsa World of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and notice of said hearing shall be mailed at least ten 10 days prior to the date of hearing, to the Heirs, Legatees and Devisees whose addresses are known, and in guardianship proceedings to the next of kin and the person having custody of said ward or minor. Dated this 31st day of March, 2021 KURT G.GLASSCO District Judge By:/s/ Geri Bauhaus Deputy Court Clerk